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Cafe@Home Archives

Welcome to the Cafe@Home Archives

Our Cafe@Home series is meant to bring you a little of the coffeehouse feeling you might be missing in your new daily grind. You can find our current Cafe@Home here. Each post in our series brings you fresh coffee content with products, recipes, and information about that beverage we all just can't get enough of. With our content changing often, you don't want to miss a thing. We've collected all our past Cafe@Home posts in this convenient archive. You can enjoy your favorite cup of joe or pot of tea and immerse yourself in coffee knowledge.

The Basics of Coffee and Tea are
Essential for an Excellent Cup

French Press

The tools for brewing up a great cup of coffee are almost as varied as the coffee beans that are brewed. A French press is a fantastic choice for more control over your brewing process.

Cold Brew

Since 2013, cold brew coffee has been growing in popularity. Nowadays, making cold brew coffee couldn't be any easier! Discover cold brew and our whole new line of cold brew blends.

The Science of Water & Coffee

Your coffee is made of 98% water, so water definitely has an impact on the quality of what you are drinking. Learn more about how water affects your cup of joe and what you can do about it.

Enjoy that Tea House Experience
Right in Your Own Home

Selecting the Perfect Tea

There are many types of tea, and choosing what is right for you might take a few tries. However, when you know the different types of tea and their benefits, it can help you to narrow your choices.

All About Chai

Chai is simply the word for tea. Masala Chai is the lovely spicy tea beverage made with delectable spices like cinnamon, ginger, cloves, and black pepper. A treat any time of year, it's the perfect PSL alternative.

Legends and Myths

History of Coffee

Who would have thought a couple of frisky goats in the Arabian Peninsula centuries ago would lead to a multi-billion dollar industry today? But how did we get to the drink we know and love today?


Fun Fall Recipes

For folks who love the crisp autumn air, the cozy clothes, and everything fall, these recipes are just for them. And the best part? You can enjoy these tasty fall treats year-round!