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Cafe@Home - French Press

Spending more time at home, people are looking for new ways of doing just about anything to keep themselves occupied. Since there's no rush to get out the door, why not spend a little time with your coffee or tea preparation? Yes, you read that correctly, you can use your French Press with your loose leaf tea as well.

french press tea

For an excellent French Press coffee, check out the smooth and accessible Organic Bali Blue Moon. With its notes of creamy chocolate and rich vanilla, this coffee is a delight any time of the day. For you tea lovers, Formosa Oolong is a fabulous choice. Full-bodied and refreshing, the sweet and fruity aroma is followed by an equally enjoyable flavor.

Let's get started with our Spotify playlist, Lo-Fi Cafe. Once you have that playing in the background, fill your kettle with fresh water and put it on to boil. While the water is heating up, measure your coffee grounds or tea leaves into the bottom of your French Press. Three tablespoons of coffee for each cup of water is the general rule. For tea, try one teaspoon per cup of water. Of course, adjust as necessary for your taste.

Once the water is heated, pour the water over the coffee grounds until the press is about half full. Allow the water and grounds to bloom for about 30 seconds then stir gently. Add water to the fill line then put the lid and plunger in place. Wait about four minutes then gently push the plunger all the way down. For your tea, add water to the fill line and put the lid and plunger in place. Wait for about five to seven minutes then gently push the plunger down.

Serve your French Press coffee or tea right away. Make sure you use your favorite add-ins if that's your choice. Sit back and enjoy with a good book or the morning paper while listening to those groovy coffeehouse tunes.

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