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Coffee and the Healthy Brain

To some it is the elixir of life.

It helps with clearing out your morning fogginess, increasing your energy,
and generally making your morning a little better.

But did you know that coffee may also have a number of health benefits?

Our series Cafe@Home is back, and we're talking about coffee and how it can benefit your brain and memory.

Hit play on this Focus Music Spotify playlist and let's learn more about how
coffee might help you to have a healthier brain.


The Effect of Coffee on the Brain

Many studies have been performed on the effect of coffee on health. Some of these studies show that the caffeine in coffee may stimulate the brain by increasing serotonin and acetylcholine. These may also help to stabilize the blood-brain barrier. The polyphenols found in coffee might also prevent blockages in the brain's blood vessels. In addition, coffee beans contain high concentrations of trigonelline which can activate antioxidants and protect the brain's blood vessels even further.

Everything in Moderation

We hear it all the time, take things in moderation. It is true that most things should be enjoyed with a modicum of restraint and coffee is no different. Coffee can be good for improving your mood, lessening depression, increasing your ability to learn, and speeding your reaction time. Coffee may also help protect your brain against diseases like Parkinson's and Alzheimer's.

However, drinking too much coffee might cause jitters, trouble sleeping, anxiety, and irregular heartbeat. But remember, every body is different. Some people may be sensitive to the caffeine found in coffee while others might not experience any ill effects no matter how many cups of coffee they drink in a day. Regardless, children, teens, and pregnant people should definitely limit their intake of caffeine.