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What's the Difference between Iced Coffee and Cold Brew?

Cold brew is a method of brewing while iced coffee is a manner of serving. Both can be a refreshing way to get your cup of joe.

Aren't iced coffee and cold brew the same thing? Short answer - no, they aren't. So, what is the difference? Hit play on this Spotify playlist for some acoustic classics and we'll get started.

Let's begin with iced coffee, which is, simply, hot coffee served over ice. To make your iced coffee, brew it the same way you brew your regular hot coffee or, better yet, brew it a little stronger. This way, when the ice melts, it won't dilute the coffee. Cool the coffee to at least room temperature or, if you have the time, chill it in the refrigerator. Pour the cooled coffee over ice. Add your favorite milk or milk substitute and sweetener - or enjoy it plain if you prefer - and you've got yourself a tasty iced coffee.

Now, on to cold brew. This is actually a method of brewing your coffee rather than serving it. Instead of using hot water and one of the usual ways of forcing that water through the grounds, you use room temperature water and time. Just pour water into a glass or plastic vessel and add your coffee grounds to it. Cover the mixture and set it in a cool place or put it in your refrigerator. After 12 to 24 hours, strain out the grounds and you are left with an extremely strong coffee concentrate.

To serve cold brew, dilute it with three parts hot water to one part cold brew. If you prefer your cold brew cold, dilute with three parts cold water to one part cold brew and serve over ice. You can then add your favorite modifiers-milk, milk substitute, and/or sweetener for more flavor and depth.

Why do people enjoy cold brew so much? Cold brew coffee is exceptionally smooth and full of flavor. Using cold water and time leaves behind the acidity that can cause bitterness.

You can enjoy cold brew hot or cold. Be sure to dilute it before serving!

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