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Japanese Tea

Introduced to Japan by the Buddhist monks from China, tea plantations were started in the 9th century and tea was drank primarily for its health benefits. Soon after, the art of making tea, called Temae, became a performance of meditation. After that tea was then consumed for the pleasure its easy flavor brought.

CoffeeAM would like to bring you that same pleasure by offering you a variety of ways to enjoy Japanese tea. We have an extensive online selection of gourmet loose-leaf, bagged, herbal, flavored and wholesale green tea to suit you. Today is the day you can start your own tea ceremony! Give us a call and take advantage of our low prices, superior customer service and same day shipping!

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    Japan: Sencha Green Tea

    Japanese Sencha is a traditional green tea that is produced in several parts of Asia, including Japan. Although it took almost six centuries before...

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    Japan Genmaicha Green Tea

    Japanese Genmaicha green tea is an incredible example of the art of tea. Legend has it that sometime during the 1400s, a servant named Genmai leane...

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    Japan Decaf Sencha Green Tea

    Japanese Decaf Sencha is grown in the Zhejiang Province located in the West Lake Region of China. As the leading producer of tea, Zhejiang is well-...

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