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Choosing the Perfect Tea

Have you seen our newest Cafe@Home newsletter yet? In preparation for National Iced Tea Month (that's in June!), we are helping you to decide which tea is the perfect choice for you.

choose the right tea for you

Types of Tea

There are many types of tea, and choosing what is right for you might take a few tries. However, when you know the different types of tea and their benefits, it can help you to narrow your choices.

The different types of tea include black, green, white, oolong, herbal, and tisane. We have a wide selection of these teas at CoffeeAM that you can choose from. Let's dive a little deeper into each type of tea.

Black Tea

Most people recognize black tea as the traditional and versatile tea we see at morning breakfast or in the Summer, iced and sweetened (at least here in the South). It is called black for the color of the leaves, which become black during the oxidation process. This process also imparts a stronger flavor. The taste can be described as earthy and smoky, sometimes sweet and citrusy, and typically brisk.

The potential benefits of black tea are varied. It may help to reduce blood pressure and the risk of stroke. Also, it might lower bad cholesterol as well as blood sugar levels. It definitely has antioxidants and likely improves focus. And it could even help lower the risk of cancer while raising heart health and increasing gut health.

Some choices of black tea include our Irish Breakfast, our Earl Grey, our Assam Broken Orange Pekoe, and any of our gourmet flavored teas just to name a few.

Green Tea

Just like black tea, green tea also gets its name from the color of the tea leaves. It does not go through the oxidation process which means the flavor is lighter and brighter. The taste is very "green," with notes of grass, ocean, and, sometimes, even fruity.

Green tea is purported to have quite a few benefits including antioxidants and polyphenols. It may help with brain function and fat burning. It might even help with weight loss and protect the brain from aging. It could help with heart disease and type 2 diabetes.

Some choices of green tea include Japan: Sencha Green Tea, Sencha Kyoto Cherry Rose Green Tea, and Jasmine with Flowers

Oolong Tea

Somewhere between Green tea and Black tea sits Oolong tea. Oolong is a semi-oxidized tea with a full-bodied flavor that can be floral, toasty, sweet, or earthy. This tea has the same health benefits as both black and green tea.

Try our Formosa Green Dragon Oolong for its delicate, floral taste. For a summery drink you'll love sipping on, our China Magnolia Oolong is a perfect choice.

Herbal Tea

For something relaxing, choose an herbal tea. These teas, made from herbs, spices, and flowers, are naturally caffeine-free. Many herbal teas are the leaves or flowers of a single plant such as mint or chamomile but sometimes you find a mix of herbs like mint, chamomile, and lemongrass.

The benefits of herbal tea depend on which herb you use. Peppermint helps with digestion and upset stomach. Chamomile can help with relaxation and falling asleep. Ginger soothes nausea as well as being an anti-inflammatory. Echinacea boosts the immune system, while red rooibos might help lower high blood pressure.

Try our Rooibos African Red Bush Tea with its lovely red hue and flavorful taste. For the ultimate in relaxation and to help you fall asleep at night, try our Chamomile tea. Keep Peppermint Herbal tea on hand as a refreshing and invigorating choice for those hot days (it's great over ice!) and after a heavy meal.


Another caffeine-free option, tisanes are made with flowers, roots, herbs, and other plant materials. For even more flavor, fruits and berries can be added. Our tisane base is made of hibiscus leaves and rosehips. This gives the benefit of a healthy dose of Vitamin C.

Choose our Lady Hannah Whole Fruit Tisane which has berries, apples, papaya, and pineapple. Or try our gorgeous Blue Eyes Tisane with citrusy orange peel, dried apple, and bright blue cornflower petals. 

You Say You Can't Decide

With all those different teas, it can be overwhelming to choose one or two. Purchase our Gourmet Tea Sampler and try them all. This sampler includes two-ounce bags of eight of our delightful teas. With green, black, oolong, tisane, and herbal teas, you will get a wide range of teas to see which you like best.

Hot or Cold? Yes, Please!

With very few exceptions, each of our teas--black, green, oolong, herbal, and tisane--is delicious hot or iced. Try our tisanes frozen into healthy popsicles on a hot summer day. The rich flavor of black tea is ideal for your typical iced tea with lots of sugar and maybe a squeeze of lemon and a sprig of mint.

Green tea over ice is an earthy and refreshing beverage. Try one of the flavored green teas like Jasmine or Magnolia for an extra boost of excitement. And don't forget those gourmet flavored teas. Made with our gourmet black tea and flavored in-house, these delicious teas are also great hot or cold.

This June, what teas will you be trying over ice?

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