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Coffee Characteristics & Roast Profiles

Characteristics of flavor greatly depend on the coffee bean; not only does it matter where the coffee beans are grown, at what elevation, the varietal of coffee tree, or how they are processed and dried, it also depends upon the roast applied to them.

Every single step of coffee cultivation can drastically change the flavor of the bean. The farmers, the soils, and even the weather have contributed to the natural and unique taste each bean carries. By the time our Roastmaster receives the raw coffee beans, they have already gained character and other flavors. We have created a chart to help you decide which coffee or coffees are right for you.



Not every coffee is roasted on the same level. We find the perfect roast profile for each gourmet coffee, and we small-batch roast to ensure even roasting. You'll find that each coffee emits exceptional flavor and aroma, and all of our coffees are discernible from the other products within the common market.

Our way of roasting not only brings forth the natural flavors and oils from within the beans, but it will also add essences ranging from a light cinnamon to a bittersweet, caramel, or even smoky flavor. The roasting process is what separates good coffee from the extraordinary. Our Roastmaster is experienced and passionate about coffee; it is his job to celebrate the unique attributes of each gourmet coffee by creating the perfect roasting recipe and maintaining a consistent roast.

Use the guide above to find the roast which suites your tastes, whether it be light roast, dark roast, or anything in between.