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Featuring Our Summer Coffees

Stay refreshed during the dog days of summer with some of our summer trending coffees. These choices are perfect for those sweltering summer days. Here's why!

summer coffee


Our summery single-origin coffees are popular due to their light and refreshing texture and taste. These coffees tend to be bright with high acidity. They don't linger and are far from heavy or overbearing.

Costa Rica Reserve is perfectly balanced with a light, enticing aroma, bright acidity, and a clean finish. Also available in decaf and our single-serve K-cup compatible coffee pods

Jamaica Blue Mountain Estate is our 100% pure certified Grade 1 JBM. This exceptional coffee is perfectly balanced, smooth, and boasts a subtle acidity which makes it light and bright.

Hawaiian Kona Volcanic Estate is full-flavored, smooth, and sweet. We strongly recommend this delightful coffee if you're looking for something vibrant and fruity.

Brazil Cerrado is earthy, balanced, and smooth. Add this coffee to your favorites and enjoy the clean sweetness and silky finish it has to offer.

Organic Haitian Blue Mountain is bright and creamy with a mellow taste and sweet finish. Though it has low acidity, its exceptional smoothness more than makes up for it.


Our Roastmaster combines various beans to create our signature coffee blends. These blends are great choices to keep you going during the sweltering heat without bogging you down.

Breakfast Blend is perfectly balanced and incredibly flavorful. Bolder than most of the coffees on our summer coffee list, our Breakfast Blend is sure to get you moving. Also available in one-touch convenience.

Summer Blend is handcrafted specifically for the hot summer days. Choose this signature blend when you're looking to slow down and savor your summer. Enjoy the mild, creamy caramel flavors and medium body.

Reggae Blend is sweet and mild with a medium body and captivating aroma. Enjoy our Reggae Blend for its caramel and chocolate notes.

Iced Coffee and Cold Brew Blends

Head over to our Iced Coffee Blends page to discover all four of our blends intended for serving over ice to keep you cool all summer long. You can count on our Iced Coffees to be full-flavored and bright.

  • Tropical Refresh is sweet, spicy, and bold. It can really stand up to icing.
  • Spirit Revive is bright and smooth with a clean finish that will leave you invigorated. Also available in decaf.
  • Renew is meant to rejuvenate you and keep you going through those super hot summer days.
  • Nature's Gift is an organic blend with incredible flavors that are nuanced and complex. Not your typical summer brew yet is perfect when served over ice. Also in decaf.

Our Cold Brew Blends are just what you need if cold brewing coffee is your thing. Not only are these coffees designed to be bright and refreshing, but brewing them without heat is another way to keep you just that much cooler when the days top 90 degrees!

  • Coastal Calm is rich and flavorful with notes of chocolate and caramel. Also available in decaf.
  • Paradise Peace is rustic and earthy. A unique choice for those who prefer something a little off the beaten path.
  • Calming Storm is a gentle coffee with bright aromas and classic flavors. This is available in decaf as well.
  • Caribbean Breeze is creamy, sweet, and smooth with a mellowness you'll crave on these long, hot summer days.

Flavored Coffees

If Flavored Coffee is your desire, our summer-inspired flavors are the perfect choice for these hot months. Choose any (or all!) of these bright and delicious flavors to keep the heat at bay. All of our flavored coffees start with our perfectly roasted pure, 100% arabica beans.

Blueberry Cream with flavors of juicy summer blueberries and rich cream.
Raspberry Cream with tart flavors of ripe raspberries tempered with smooth cream.
Peach Cobbler has sweet flavors of tree-ripened Georgia peaches in a light crust. Yum!
Jamaican Rum whisks you away to a tropical paradise with the first sip. Escape the every day with this brew.
S'mores brings back memories of sitting around the campfire roasting marshmallows and telling ghost stories. Who says kids get all the fun?
Banana Split is another flavor that brings back lots of memories. Don't leave all the fun to the kids!
Chocolate Island will transport you to a sweet, tropical getaway with each sip. Enjoy rich chocolate and toasted coconut flavors meant to relax.

Which coffees are you choosing this summer?

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