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Decaf Costa Rica Reserve Coffee

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This decaffeinated Costa Rica cup evokes comments such as "classic cup," "perfectly balanced," and "exceptionally clean." Professional tasters call it "Perfect, not boring or bland." You'll find this to be a "bright" coffee, high in acidity, medium in body, and wonderfully aromatic. Being decaffeinated just adds to the amazement of just how perfect this cup is.

Costa Rica Reserve beans are strictly hard bean, SHB, meaning that they are grown at altitudes over 3900 feet. The high altitude slows the maturity of the bean, keeping it denser and locking the rich flavor inside. SHB beans are the finest that Costa Rica has to offer.

This coffee was decaffeinated in its "green state" so that the precious oils remained tucked safe inside the bean during the decaf process. The oils are then able to develop during roasting as expected. Decaf gourmet coffee from CoffeeAM promises to be exceptional coffee!

Brand: CoffeeAM


Light Dark

Cultivated and wet-processed in the region of Tarrazu, these Caturra varietals are certified SHB (strictly hard bean), which indicates these coffee beans are grown at altitudes above 3,900 feet. Light-roasted, Costa Rica Reserve beans brew into a light-bodied coffee that is rich in chocolaty-caramel flavors. This decaffeinated coffee produces a cup that is winy with high acidity and a sharp finish.