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Summer Teas are the Ticket to Keeping Cool During the Dog Days

It's not getting cooler any time soon. Add our summer teas to beat the heat through the dog days.

summer teas

Our summer teas are just what you need to keep the heat at bay. Refreshing and incredibly flavorful, you will certainly enjoy any of these teas during the hottest days of the year.

Flavored Teas

Our flavored teas are all made with our gourmet black tea blend flavored with some of the finest flavoring oils. Brew these teas then serve them over ice for a tasty glass that's sure to freshen up your day.

Peach Flavored Tea

Sweet summer peaches are delicious paired with black tea. Serve our Peach Flavored tea over ice with an added sprig of mint and a slice of peach for an extra dose of refreshment.

Mango Flavored Tea

Mango is one of the most popular flavors around the world. Add our Mango Flavored tea to your summer drinks rotation. Served over ice, with a slice or two of fresh mango, you'll fully enjoy this tasty tea.

Blackberry Flavored Tea

Tart blackberries are a summer staple, and when they're added to your tea, they make a deliciously cooling beverage. Muddle a couple of blackberries, along with a sprig of mint, before adding your ice cubes and Blackberry Flavored tea. This fresh, non-alcoholic cocktail will be your new go-to afternoon delight.

Blueberry Flavored Tea

Juicy blueberries are the star of the show with our Blueberry Flavored tea. A tall iced glass of this tea will surely help you find your chill. Make it an adult beverage with a splash of vodka. Muddle some blueberries and a few leaves of basil for a uniquely refreshing flavor combination.

Sweet Orange Flavored Tea

Citrus flavors are bright and immensely refreshing. The same can be said about our Sweet Orange Flavored tea. Pour this tea over ice and add a slice of orange. A splash of sparkling water makes for a fun way to keep cool.


Our caffeine-free tisanes are uniquely refreshing. Our tisanes are made with a base of hibiscus and rosehips, then flavored further with dried fruits, berries, and other edible herbs and flowers. Tisanes are high in vitamin C and are a wonderful replacement for those soft drinks and juices that are super sugary.

Lemon Mango Tisane

Bright lemon and sweet mango combine for an incredibly delicious flavor combination in our Lemon Mango tisane. Freeze lemonade into ice cubes for a little extra lemon flavor and refreshment.

Berry Berry Tisane

If you love the flavor of sweet berries, our Berry Berry tisane won't disappoint. Red and black currants lend juicy flavors of berries to our base of rosehips and hibiscus. Serve over ice or freeze into popsicles to really beat the heat.

Blue Eyes Tisane

Fruity apples and oranges are a refreshing addition to our tisane base. If you're looking for a bright and refreshing drink on these sweltering summer afternoons, our Blue Eyes tisane over ice is just what you're need.

Iced Tea Blend

Finally, choose our Iced Tea Blend for your everyday iced tea. This black tea blend is extremely refreshing. Add a little sugar and a squeeze of lemon to keep it simple. A sprig of mint or basil highlights the fresh flavors in the tea.

Each of these teas is wonderful on its own, but you can also use them as a base for other drinks.

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