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Summer Coffees and Teas - Perfect for the Hot Days Ahead

Looking forward to the Summer? Keep your cool with bright and refreshing coffees and teas. Hot or iced, they're sure to help you chill this Summer.

summer coffee

During those hot days of summer (I mean, we're already experiencing a heatwave across most of the country and today is the first day of the season!) you're going to want something light and easy to drink to keep your energy going. You don't necessarily want iced coffee or tea, so what should you choose?

Over on our Summer Classics page [link], we have a collection of coffees and teas that are perfect for the Summer. Whether you prefer your coffee or tea drinks hot or cold, there are choices. Any of these selections are delicious directly after preparation or when served over ice.

Costa Rica Reserve

Our Costa Rica Reserve is available in both regular and decaf. The farmers grow this particular bean high in the mountains of Central America. It brews up light and smooth with an intense aroma and a well-balanced, savory taste. You won't find any bitterness in this summery coffee. It's also available in our single-serve pods

Jamaica Blue Mountain Estate

Exceptionally smooth and sweet, our Jamaica Blue Mountain Estate is an ideal choice for the hot, steamy summer. Jamaica Blue Mountain Estate is known throughout the world as one of the highest quality coffees. It is bright and satisfying with a mouthwatering aroma and rich chocolaty notes you'll come back to time and again.

Haitian Blue Mountain Direct Trade

Our Haitian Blue Mountain Direct Trade is extraordinarily smooth and delicious. It is the same varietal as our Jamaican Blue Mountain and has the same chocolaty undertones and mouthwatering aromas you've come to expect from a high-quality, gourmet coffee.

Hawaiian Kona 'Volcanic Estate'

Try our Hawaiian Kona 'Volcanic Estate' for an exceptional coffee that is sure to brighten up your day. This Hawaiian Kona grows high on the slopes of Mauna Loa which gives it its fruity undertones, rich chocolaty finish, and a vibrancy that's hard to beat.

Brazil Cerrado

Earthy and mouthwatering, our Brazil Cerrado is earthy and unique. Enjoy it any time of day for a light and bright cup of coffee to help you make it through your daily routine.

Breakfast Blend

Bright and invigorating, you'll rise and shine with our delicious Breakfast Blend. This signature blend is made with beans from Central America and is well-balanced with hints of caramel and chocolate that will entice you out of bed. Add our Breakfast Blend to your morning for the energy you need to take on your day. Also available in our single-serve pods.

Summer Blend

Add a coffee to your routine that can help you slow down and enjoy your days. Our Summer Blend is just that coffee. Unwind and relax as you savor this signature blend of Central and South American beans. Mild and smooth, this is sure to become your go-to Summer coffee.

These are simply a handful of our Summer Classics. To shop more, head over to our Summer Classics page to find your perfect Summer-time brew. And don't forget about our Iced Coffee and Cold Brew Blends. Those are sure to chill you down on a hot Summer's day.

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