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Our Six Dark Roasts

We've been discovering all the different roast levels and the best-selling coffees within those roasts. We started with our light roasts and moved through our medium-light, medium, medium-dark, and finally our dark roasts.

dark roast coffee

Dark roast coffees no longer have any of the natural flavors left. The beans have a sheen of oil on the surface and a flavor of smokiness with a touch of black pepper.

After Dinner Blend

Our After Dinner Blend is one of our exclusive signature blends. Hand-blended especially for enjoying after a heavy meal, our After Dinner Blend is dark roasted with a heavy body, smoky flavors, and surprisingly light brightness. Try our After Dinner Blend to aid digestion with its hints of cardamom.

Italian Roast

Next on our list of popular dark roasts is our Italian Roast Blend. Another one of our signature blends that has been popular for over a decade, our Italian Roast has a dark roast and a surprising flavor profile. Choose our Italian Roast Blend for its earthiness and touch of sweetness. You'll notice notes of caramel, dark chocolate, and a compelling hint of cedar at the finish. Talk about interesting.

Mocca Java

For something truly unique, add our Mocca Java Blend to your coffee routine. This dark roast blend of Indonesian and Ethiopian pure arabica beans is dark-roasted to create smoky yet floral flavors that end in a hint of bittersweet chocolate. Heavy-bodied with a medium brightness and a perfectly balanced acidity, you'll enjoy this brew any time of day.

Organic French Roast

Looking for the perfect bean to make those decadent espresso-based drinks? Look no further than our Organic French Roast. Just like all of our organic coffees, our Organic French Roast is grown and processed without the use of harmful pesticides and chemicals. Once we receive these organic coffee beans, we dark roast them to perfection to give them a deliciously bold flavor with hints of brightness and a smoky overtone that will leave you immensely satisfied.

Sumatra Black Satin

Add our most popular coffee to your coffee reserves with our Sumatra Black Satin. Hands down, this coffee is one of our best-selling brews across the board. Enjoy it as a cup of coffee or as an espresso. The incredible smoothness of our Sumatra Black Satin is bolstered by the incredible mouthfeel and flavors. Enjoy the heavy body, low acidity, and smoky aromas along with the earthy undertones and black pepper finish. It's a combination that is sure to rejuvenate your senses.

Organic Sumatra Black Satin

Our Organic Sumatra Black Satin features the same incredible mouthfeel, aromas, and flavors as our Sumatra Black Satin with the added benefit of being organic as well as being certified Fair-Trade. Enjoy the same delicious flavors while knowing your purchase helps the planet and the farmers.

We hope you enjoyed our deep dive into the roast levels of our coffees. Which is your favorite and which do you plan on checking out?

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