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Check Out Our Top Light Roast Coffees

Do you prefer light roast coffees? Here are the coffees you should consider adding to your morning routine.

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But First, What Should You Expect?

Light roast coffees allow the natural flavors of the beans to come through. You will find them to be brighter than darker roasts with less bitterness and more fruity notes. While darker roasts tend to impart heavier and more chocolaty and, depending on the darkness of the roast, spiciness, pepperiness, and smokiness. You likely won't find these flavors in a light roast coffee. You will find more citrus, floral, and milk chocolate notes.

Jamaica Blue Mountain Estate

Our Jamaica Blue Mountain Estate is one of the most widely sought-after coffees the world over. This incomparable coffee is incredibly smooth with no bitterness and a rich chocolaty finish.

This 100% pure Jamaica Blue Mountain Estate grows high in the Jamaican Blue Mountains, at elevations of 5,000 feet, where it is subject to precise and stringent regulations. You will find our Jamaica Blue Mountain Estate to be well-balanced with subtle acidity and a full body. Extremely exclusive and rich in taste, we lightly roast these beans to allow the natural flavors to shine through.

Organic Bolivia 'Colonial Caravani' Fair Trade

Like all our organic coffees, our Organic Bolivia 'Colonial Caravani' Fair Trade is grown without the use of harmful pesticides or other chemicals. A small group of farmers, natives known as Colonials, grow the typica and bourbon varietals of the arabica bean beneath the mahogany forest.

The farmers work to improve the quality of their coffee, their farming practices, and their community. They harvest the coffee by hand and dry it on raised patio beds, tending the beans to ensure even drying which ensures an even roast. Each batch received at CoffeeAM is lightly roasted by our Roastmaster to allow the natural fruity flavors of citrus, nuts, and malt to come through.

Heavy-bodied and sweet with low acidity, Organic Bolivia 'Colonial Caravani' Fair Trade is smooth and clean. It's a great choice to go with food.

Organic Bolivia 'La Paz' Direct Trade

Our final light roast coffee is certainly not our least. Organic Bolivia 'La Paz' Direct Trade is a delightful coffee that you will certainly enjoy. Small micro farmers work together high in the Bolivian mountains. They produce an excellent organic coffee without the use of harmful chemicals and pesticides. The farmers have implemented soil analysis and use organic fertilizers and compost to grow these arabica typica beans.

The farms are found on the western slope of the Andes at an elevation of 5,000 feet. Once the cherries are harvested they are dried on raised beds and wet-processed. You'll enjoy the aromas of milk chocolate along with flavors of citrus and sweet caramel.

So, if you like light roast coffees, add any or all of these to your morning coffee routine. You'll be glad you did.

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