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Medium-Dark Roast Coffees - Seven Delicious Choices

Continuing our exploration of coffee roasts, this week we're discovering Medium-Dark Roasts.

medium dark roast coffee beans

Medium-dark roasts are roasted to temperatures between 435 and 445 degrees Fahrenheit. This is the beginning of the second crack stage. At this point, no natural flavors are left behind and all the flavors are due to the roasting process. Generally, the flavors that a medium-dark roast imparts are bittersweet dark chocolate, porter beer, caramel, and rich vanilla. In some instances, a slight spiciness or a hint of smokiness is evident along with the heavy body and low acidity.

Our seven medium-dark roast coffees are all tasty choices to start your mornings or to end your day.

eCoffee Blend

Our eCoffee Blend is one of our finest signature blend coffees. Hand-blended by our Roastmaster, our eCoffee Blend is smooth and decadent with a mysteriousness you're sure to enjoy. This blend is also available in decaf.

Espresso Gold

Our Espresso Gold is another of our signature blends. Named for the velvety smooth, golden crema that tops an espresso made with this incredible medium-dark roasted coffee blend, you'll fall in love with the unexpected sweet and mellow flavors. We blend our delightful Indian coffees and apply an Italian roast to make a surprisingly light and bright espresso that will surely start your day off right. Also available in decaf.

Espresso Verdi

Yet another of our fine, signature espresso blends, our Espresso Verdi has a distinguished flavor that will be ideal for those lattes and cappuccinos. Intense and heavy, the bold flavors can really stand up to that creamy milk and not taste watered down. Available in both regular and decaf.

Marrakesh Blend

If you're looking for something a little more delicate, our signature Marrakesh Blend is just the thing. Bright and bold, spicy and complex, this blend is a varied as the famed market it's named for. We know you'll fully enjoy this blend that's available in regular and decaf.

New Orleans Style Chicory

Made with our 100% pure arabica bean coffee blended with ground chicory root, our New Orleans Style Chicory Blend is a little taste of Bourbon Street right in your cup. Originally used as a way to stretch their coffee supplies, the surprising subtle chocolate flavor and rich body from the chicory added a layer of taste that became a New Orleans tradition. Try this delightfully unique blend, in regular or decaf, and see what you've been missing.

Organic Espresso

Our Organic Espresso is, hands down, our most popular and best-selling espresso blends. Discover this delightful espresso and enjoy the medium body and hints of chocolate and caramel that bring people back time and again. Our only espresso that is certified organic, the farmers take care to grow this exceptional coffee without the use of pesticides or other harmful chemicals.

Organic Sumatra 'Gayo Mountain'

For a rich, smooth, and flavorful morning cup of coffee, try our Organic Sumatra 'Gayo Mountain' Fair-Trade coffee. You'll enjoy a slightly spicy brew that is lightly acidic and free from any bitterness. As with all our certified organic coffees, our Organic Sumatra 'Gayo Mountain' is grown without using any pesticides or other harmful chemicals. And as a fair-trade coffee, the growers are fairly compensated for this excellent coffee which helps them, their families, their farms, and their communities.

Add one (or all) of our medium-dark roast coffees to your morning routine and discover a unique flavor you've been missing.

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