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Discover Our Best-Selling Medium-Light Roasts

Lighter roast levels can highlight the desirable natural flavors found in coffee beans or, darker roast levels can mask undesirable flavors. We've talked about our light roast coffees, now let's take a look at our medium-light roasts.

medium light roasted coffee

Lion's Share

Our largest collection by far, medium-light roast coffees still allow the characteristic flavor of the beans to shine through while giving them a slightly toasted taste. Light-medium roasting shines a light on the nutty flavors while also imparting a bit of toasted bread and a hint of caramel. Some beans that have naturally floral notes may still have a touch of that floral taste, but the darker the roast, the less of that innate flavor that will come through.

Our Top Five Light-Medium Coffees

A number of our light-medium roast coffees show up on our best-sellers list. It's no surprise. The delectable flavor of these beans makes them stand out.

Tanzania Peaberry

It's no surprise that our Tanzania Peaberry is such a popular coffee. Hailing from the birthplace of coffee, these beans grow on the lower slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro which soars to over 19,000 feet. The fertile volcanic soil, bright sunlight, and cool temperatures combine to provide ideal growing conditions. Peaberry means the coffee beans are smaller and round with a middle cleft. They are richer and livelier than their oval-shaped counterparts. Only about 10% of all coffee beans exhibit this trait and as a result, must be hand-sorted. Choose our Tanzania Peaberry for its flavors of bright citrus with a dash of cinnamon and a hint of milk chocolate.

Ethiopia Yirgacheffe

Another best-selling coffee coming from Africa, our Ethiopia Yirgacheffe is prized for its incredible quality and distinctive flavor. It grows in the rolling hills of southwestern Ethiopia and is hand-sorted and harvested. It is then wet-processed which gives it a delightfully earthy flavor and a slight acidity. The medium-light roast gives our Ethiopia Yirgacheffe a unique aroma and intensifies the sweet richness and incredible smoothness.

Guatemala Antigua

Welcome to Central America. Our Guatemala Antigua is next on our list of best-sellers. Local farmers grow this coffee in a valley created by three volcanoes. Antigua sees a great deal of rainfall contributing to the high humidity found at the 4,600-foot elevation where these coffee trees thrive. These ideal growing conditions contribute to the full-bodied flavor that shines along with the velvety texture and complex richness. Enjoy the hint of chocolate along with a surprising smokiness and touch of spice on the finish brought out with the medium-light roasting.

Papua New Guinea

Next, we're off to Indonesia to discover our Papua New Guinea coffee. This coffee grows at elevations of over 4,000 feet along the Wahgi River. Planted alongside albizia trees, our Papua New Guinea has a unique fruit-like essence due to the proximity of these exotic trees. Bathe your senses in the aromas of tropical fruits like mango and papaya while enjoying the complex flavors of grapefruit, hazelnut, and molasses.

Honduras 'Silver Hills'

Last, but certainly not least, our Honduras 'Silver Hills' also comes from Central America. These beans grow at over 4,500 feet in elevation and have been given the designation of SHG or Strictly High-Grown. These beans tend to be more dense and flavorful than average beans. The natural flavors of tamarind, lemon, and coconut are enhanced with medium-light roasting which brings out sweeter notes of chocolate, honey, and almond.

If you are looking for something a little lighter with lots of unique flavors and a hint of toastiness, look no further than our medium-light roast coffees.

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