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Feature: New Crop of El Salvador 'Pacas Estate'

Learn more about our newest crop of El Salvador 'Pacas Estate' Direct Trade coffee. What makes it exclusive? Who grows it? And what does it taste like?

closeup of coffee cherries on tree at Pacas Estate in El Salvador

Direct Trade Coffee

We've talked about Direct Trade Coffee in the past, []but here's a quick reminder. Direct Trade Coffee is that which bypasses the middleman and is sold either directly from the processor to the retailer or, at most, to a specialty importer and then a retailer.

Direct Trade Coffees tend to be organic and are sustainably farmed. The farmers don't use harmful chemicals or pesticides. Instead, they use natural methods of modifying the soil and keeping pests away. Finally, Direct Trade Coffee is fair-trade. This means the farmers and processors receive fair wages for their crops as well as resources to improve their farms and communities.

'Pacas Estate'

Foreground of coffee plant with red cherries against backdrop of mountains

Our new El Salvador 'Pacas Estate' replaces our previous El Salvador 'Fincas Montes Urales'. It comes from a small collective of farmers high on the mountain slopes of the Canton San Isidro region of El Salvador. This 100% pure arabica bean coffee is a combination of the Pacamara, Bourbon, and Pacas varietals. The Pacas Estate is currently owned by Maria, the great-granddaughter of the man who developed the Pacas varietal.

Today, Maria works closely with 84 other local producers to help them become successful entrepreneurs. They grow and cultivate their crops to ensure the best quality specialty coffee. Maria also ensures the community has access to medical care in order to provide both physical and mental well-being to the workers and their families.

Maria Pacas owner of Pacas estate

Flavor Profile

When we received our shipment of this new crop of El Salvador 'Pacas Estate', our Roastmaster got to work. He determined the best roast level to highlight the natural flavors found in this delicious, wet-processed bean. The medium-light roast brings out a high level of sweetness which works perfectly with the floral undertones you'll find in this brew. Note the extraordinary creaminess and smooth body in your cup.

You can add our new El Salvador 'Pacas Estate' to your coffee collection today. It's a coffee-drinking experience like no other. Let us know what you think!

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