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Looking for something truly extraordinary? Direct-trade and Micro-lot Coffees are the way to go

Find out exactly what makes a coffee direct-trad and micro-lot and find out why it matters and why you should check them out.

direct-trade and micro-lot coffees

Direct-trade coffee is more than what its name implies. In addition to being sold directly from the producers to retailers without a slew of middlemen, direct-trade coffee is known to be of a high quality and is sustainably grown. Because there are no middlemen, the producers are paid a fair price for their crops. And, since it has a more direct path to the consumer, it tends to have an origin story that helps the coffee to stand out from the rest.

But, just like most exclusive commodities (think organic, free-range, and the like) direct-trade may not be clear-cut in all situations. In some instances, direct-trade means from processor to roaster. in other instances, direct-trade may mean it comes straight from the farm in cherry form rather than processed. And in even other instances, direct might mean from processor to a specialty importer to the roaster.

Direct-trade coffees also tend to be organic. The farmers grow these coffees without the use of harmful chemicals or pesticides. They use natural methods to modify the soil while also using natural methods to keep pests at bay. Direct-trade is also fair-trade with the farmers receiving a fair wage for their crops along with the resources to better their communities and their farms.

Now we know what direct-trade coffee is (and isn't), what about micro-lot coffee?

Micro-lot coffee is a coffee that comes from a single farm. It can be traceable to its origins. This is different from direct-trade which may come from several farms in an area, with all the beans being processed together. It is also different from estate coffee which can alos be a single farm or can be many farms in a geographic area that are in close proximity to a named estate.

Though micro-lot coffee is different from direct-trade, it still benefits from the same agreements as found in the direct-trade coffees. They are fair-trade and organic with the farmers and producers benefitting from fair pricing, resources for bettering their communities and their farms, and their business practices.

Much like direct-trade, the term micro-lot has different meanings depending on to whom you speak. What everyone can agree on is that micro-lot coffee is sustainably farmed and is of an extremely high quality.

If you're interested in trying one of our direct-trade or micro-lot coffees, check out our exclusive options here.

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