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Feature: Bali Blue Moon

It's back! Our Organic Bali Blue Moon is finally back in stock. This popular coffee comes from the island of Bali in the nation of Indonesia. The tropical conditions give this coffee an incredible texture and flavor profile. This delectable coffee is here, but why is it such a beloved favorite?

baskets of unroasted coffee from BaliWhat Is Organic Bali Blue Moon?

Organic Bali Blue Moon is certified organic by the Georgia Crop Improvement Association's Organic Certification Program (GCIAOCP). Additionally it is also Rainforest Alliance Certified, which helps growers through human rights support, knowledge to combat climate issues, business training, farm land improvement, and how to work within the biodiversity of the forest. The coffee is a combination up of Bourbon and Typica varietals.

A Brief History Of Coffee In Bali

Mount Agung, the tallest mountain on the island of Bali, is an active volcano with activity as recently as 2019. In 1963, Mount Agung erupted in one of the most devastating events on the island. This eruption destroyed the coffee crops growing on the mountainside. In the 1970s and 1980s, the Indonesian government provided new coffee plants to the local farmers. This was the beginning of an island-wide industry.

What Are The Growing Conditions?

Our Organic Bali Blue Moon grows on the lush, tropical island of Bali in Indonesia, an archipelago nation. You will find these coffee trees growing in rich volcanic soil at an elevation of around 4,000 feet. The coffee trees are planted alongside shade trees that are native to the region. You will also find tangerine and orange trees growing with the coffee trees. These citrus trees not only help the land, they also impart a nuanced citrusy and floral flavor to the coffee. No harmful chemicals or pesticides are used to grow our Organic Bali Blue Moon meaning it is safe for both consumers and the land.

How About Harvesting, Processing, And Roasting?

Farmers grow Organic Bali Blue Moon during the spring months and harvest it from May through July. It is then wet hulled and dried on raised patios. The coffee beans are typically ready for export from August through October. Our Roastmaster roasts our Organic Bali Blue Moon to a level of medium-light.

What Does Organic Bali Blue Moon Taste Like?

Our Organic Bali Blue Moon is smooth and syrupy with flavors of creamy milk chocolate and rich vanilla from the roasting processing. Because we roast to medium-light, the natural flavors and aromas still shine through.

Add this new crop of our Organic Bali Blue Moon to your cart today and treat yourself to an excellent coffee you'll come back to over and over again.

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