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Featuring Our New Crop of Organic Haitian Blue Mountain

Our NEW crop of Organic Haitian Blue Mountain coffee has arrived! Now is the perfect time to add it to your morning coffee repertoire. You haven't tried it yet? Here's what you're missing.

roasted coffee beans on a canvas sack with the word coffee in blue

What is Organic Haitian Blue Mountain?

Organic Haitian Blue Mountain coffee is 100% pure arabica Blue Mountain beans. It's exactly the same varietal as Jamaican Blue Mountain, and even the growing conditions--soil, weather, altitude--are the same.

A Brief History Of Haitian Coffee

Over 85% of the world's coffee production came from Haiti in the 18th century. Even in the mid-20th century, Haiti was still producing more than 50% of the world's coffee. Unfortunately, through the actions of the Haitian government, now only around 10-20 containers of coffee are produced per year.

Our New Crop Of Haitian Blue Mountain

The program which oversees the production of our newest crop of Organic Haitian Blue Mountain Direct Trade coffee was begun in an effort to create jobs for as many people as possible through the specialty organic coffee industry. The coop that grows this coffee was founded by nine people in the North Region who built a system using water from a local river to wash the coffee. They then filter the acidity from the water before returning it back to the river.

These small farms are some of the only areas with trees providing shade for the coffee plants. The farmers also grow other species of plants alongside the coffee to maintain the tree cover as well as the biodiversity of the soil. Today, the coop has grown to over 800 members. One of the original founders has worked to add labs to increase production and quality control. In addition, they have been able to employ more people from the local community. This has led to the town adding more modern services such as paved roads and garbage service.

What To Expect From This Crop Of Haitian Blue Mountain

This new crop of Organic Haitian Blue Mountain coffee grows on 856 farms in the North Region. These farms are at an altitude of around 4,000 feet, and each occupies an area of approximately one hectare. The coffee is hand-picked, and the processing method is washed.

When drinking this coffee, watch for flavors of sweet, toasted almonds with an extraordinarily smooth and buttery mouthfeel, low acid content, and a well-balanced and creamy body. Click here to add this incredible coffee to your next order.

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