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  • October 6, 2015

    LBBC: Living Beyond Breast Cancer - National Breast Cancer Awareness Month

    October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, the annual campaign to increase awareness of the disease, not just its existence, but also reminding people to take preventive measures through early detection, and to encourage others to do so as well. You may not know it, but breast cancer is the second most common cancer in women worldwide, and the actual causes of breast cancer are yet to be determined. So, it is all the more important to take those steps.
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  • October 1, 2015

    6 Coffee Questions You’re Too Embarrassed to Ask Your Coffee Shop

    You have probably been to your local coffee shop dozens of times, and you probably order the same items every time. Most likely, you do this because you’re a creature of habit. But, perhaps it’s because you are a little uncomfortable to ask questions about more ‘foreign’ items out of fear of looking stupid. You might hear some ‘fancy’ terms being thrown around the counter, but you have no idea what these mean. Never fear! That’s where CoffeeAM comes to your rescue. We’re here to set the record straight on those coffee terms, and to help you look like a pro (instead of a newbie) when you order your coffee. Here, you’ll find the answers to some common questions that may have had you scratching your head for a while.
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  • September 29, 2015

    Pumpkin Spice and Everything Nice

    When you think of the fall season, what immediately comes to mind? Leaves? Halloween? Football? For many cooks, fall heralds the arrival of pumpkin season! In particular, at this time of the year, coffee lovers descend upon cafés and coffee shops in the hopes of getting their pumpkin spice fix. So, what is it about pumpkin spice that makes mouths water every time? All of you pumpkin lovers out there can weigh in, and with that, here is how you can skip those tedious coffee shop lines, and enjoy the inviting fall flavors at your own kitchen table.
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  • September 22, 2015

    10 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Caffeine

    What is the ingredient that makes coffee so appealing to so many people? Caffeine—it gives you the oomph of energy to get through the day, and it has positive affects on your health. But, here are some surprising tidbits and trivia about caffeine, that you could use to impress your friends, or just for your own knowledge.
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  • September 10, 2015

    5 Reasons Going a Day Without Coffee is the Absolute Worst

    For many people, coffee is not another nice beverage; it is a gift straight from the heavens. It is what they consider to be their fuel source to pummel through the day. In fact, according to the National Coffee Association of USA, a staggering 61% of Americans consume coffee on a daily basis. Drinking coffee is an uplifting experience for many, taking in the aroma of freshly roasted coffee, sipping a steaming cup paired with a light snack.
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  • August 20, 2015

    Great Gifts: Coffee Samplers

    Impressing coffee lovers with just the right gift can be a tall order. Each coffee drinker has his or her own particular standards and tastes. While you may not have the means to give them an all expenses paid vacation around the world to sample coffee from different regions, you can still capture the essence of that very experience. How? With gourmet coffee samplers from CoffeeAM. Rather than packing each one with multiples of one coffee, recipients will have different ways to soothe their picky palates. Whether it’s for the holiday season, an upcoming birthday, or a little something to say ‘I love you,’ there is a sampler to meet your needs, and fulfill the recipient’s wishes.
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  • August 18, 2015

    Everything You Need to Start Your Very Own Coffee Business

    The thought of combining your love for coffee with making a profit, and brightening someone’s day may be exciting to you, which means that you may be considering opening a coffee business of your very own. While it is a gratifying experience, establishing a business of any sort is not an easy venture. It requires a clear business plan, a budget, time, and materials, just to name a few of the essentials. With our 50+ years of knowledge and expertise, CoffeeAM will take some of the load off your back, and help you cost-effectively build a successful business.
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  • July 28, 2015

    Why Does Latte Art Matter?

    To us, coffee is an art in itself, from the bean to the roast to the aroma and flavor. But to some, this beauty is perceived through the presentation. It’s not as much about all those individual elements, as it is about the visual appeal. In coffee shops across the world, that perception has come into being in the form of what is called latte art, also known as coffee art, barista art, or coffee designs.
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