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5 Reasons Going a Day Without Coffee is the Absolute Worst

For many people, coffee is not another nice beverage; it is a gift straight from the heavens. It is what they consider to be their fuel source to pummel through the day. In fact, according to the National Coffee Association USA, a staggering 61% of Americans consume coffee on a daily basis. Drinking coffee is an uplifting experience for many, taking in the aroma of freshly roasted coffee, sipping a steaming cup paired with a light snack. Whether you take it light or dark, medium or full, flavored or plain, without your morning cup of coffee, you may feel lost, or just not yourself, and we completely understand that problem. It’s hard to put it lightly, but a day without coffee is well---the absolute worst! What is it that makes that so grueling? Here are some of OUR top reasons, but we can’t wait to hear yours! 1. An Energy Suck Not drinking coffee might mean missing that surge of energy, though brief, that you get from the caffeine content. The extra boost from your morning joe feels like the only way to start the day off on the right foot. Having a cup of coffee, the quick pick-me-up, could make the difference, in your mind, between knocking out that huge project in a matter of hours, or getting defeated by drowsiness. That caffeine does slightly stimulate your brain as well, enabling you to stay more alert. You could say that your batteries feel quite recharged with that little jolt of java, and then you find yourself reaching for another cup. Keep in mind that a cup (or three) of coffee a day is perfectly fine, but as always, moderation is key. 2. A Lost Experience For regular coffee drinkers, its disappointing to miss the complete coffee experience—hearing the sound of coffee brewing, inhaling the fresh, pleasing aromas, savoring the decadent flavors, and having the comforting feeling that you get with each and every soothing sip. That experience feels essential to make your daily routine, well routine. Whether your mouth waters for sweet and creamy Butter Pecan, or authentic Colombian coffee, you can always count on your cup to deliver a one of a kind experience. Butter Pecan Flavored Coffee                COLOMBIA SUPREMO COFFEE 3. Whirlwind of Emotions Without your coffee, you could have a bit of a withdrawal feeling. Because you feel groggy, you get grumpy. Everyone and everything frazzles you, which could cause you to lose your concentration and focus in your attempts to complete even a simple task. You only feel completely at peace when you have your strong cup of gourmet goodness in hand to soothe your senses. Gourmet Coffee 4. A Not So Fresh Perspective Getting wound up in the chaos of daily life can take a toll on your body, and leave you stuck in a dreary rut. A good cup of coffee gives you a chance to step away from your work and hectic schedule for a breather. A coffee break could help you see a task in a completely different light, and as we’ve told you before, you may even find a renewed sense of creativity. 5. Missing a Friend The bond that avid coffee drinkers have with their coffee is like that of two close friends. On the surface, there’s not much that has to be said, but over the course of one cup, flavors evolve and melt into one another. Then, once you come to the last sip, your emotions change as well, and you wish you could experience it all over again. It’s more of a journey worth remembering, than just a cup of coffee. So, you could say that missing your cup of coffee is like missing an old friend. When you feel like you’ve had an impossibly long and tiring day because you have missed your coffee, never fear. Get your fix with authentic, gourmet coffees from CoffeeAM, and roast happy! Now, it's your turn. Please take our coffee survey, and share with us what you think are the worst things about a coffee-less day.
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