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Why Does Latte Art Matter?

To us, coffee is an art in itself, from the bean to the roast to the aroma and flavor. But to some, this beauty is perceived through the presentation. It’s not as much about all those individual elements, as it is about the visual appeal. In coffee shops across the world, that perception has come into being in the form of what is called latte art, also known as coffee art, barista art, or coffee designs. In terms of the coffee itself, latte art is a way to prepare coffee by pouring steamed milk into espresso to make designs. This art is also designed through manipulating or drawing in the layer of foam. Creating latte art is a fine skill, which requires precision and very refined techniques. In fact, people take formal classes to master the art. Now you may be thinking, why do some people take latte art so seriously, and why does it even matter? With coffee shops and cafés popping up around every corner nowadays, standing out in the crowd has become increasingly difficult. Especially for smaller shops that are still seeking to grow their business and create a name for themselves, utilizing latte art is a way to show a sense of creativity and personality. You are treating every cup of coffee that you serve as a piece of art that appeals to all five senses, not just taste, which allows your business to distinguish itself from larger competitors, who may not invest that little extra care to create a memorable cup of coffee. In this way, you demonstrate to customers that you are using your resources and knowledge to create a complete experience. As another little bonus for your business, this sort of creative expertise provides potentially great social media content, which satisfied customers will want to share, and this can quickly become an excellent way to promote your business. It's often said that consumers "eat with their eyes," meaning that if something looks appealing and inviting, we will naturally gravitate towards it. For this reason, packaging is such an important element of business branding. With latte art, you can tell a story in every cup that sparks the interest of the consumer, which you couldn’t do otherwise. While latte art may not enhance the flavor of coffee in a particularly noticeable way, it does add that extra touch to enhance the coffee experience. It may help your business establish yourself as a creative brand that can deliver a truly memorable coffee consuming experience. If you are looking to explore some new flavors or get what you need to try your hand at coffee art, CoffeeAM is your prime destination for all things coffee. Happy designing, future latte artists!
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