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Intro to Coffee Tasting Part One

Intro to Coffee Tasting Part 1 Have you ever read a description about a particular coffee and wondered what it meant and how the taster determined the flavors s/he was tasting? Or maybe you thought the person must just be a coffee snob? Well, we’re going to talk about how to taste coffee and find those flavors.   Over the next few weeks we’ll learn:
  • Tasting terminology
  • Equipment
  • How to properly taste coffee
  • Descriptions
  Much like wine tasting, coffee tasting–also known as cupping–is an opportunity to take your time with the coffee and really get to know it. One difference between the two tasting procedures is in the preparation of the drinks. Unlike coffee, wine has been prepared and bottled years before the tasting occurs. When it comes to coffee tasting, the coffee is typically ground and brewed just before tasting. Often you will get to see, and sometimes even taste, the beans and the grounds during a tasting event.   With all the coffees you’ll be tasting, you may want to keep track of them–which you like, which you didn’t like, how they were prepared, etc. Enter journaling. You can create your own journal, either analog or digital, to keep up with each coffee and what you liked or disliked about it or you can get a pre-printed journal all set to go.   So, please join us as we explore the world of coffee tasting. Then you’ll be able to attend a local tasting like a pro! Part Two | Part Three | Part Four
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