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How to Celebrate National Hot Tea Month

Tea has been a treasured beverage for centuries, loved by millions across the world. With tea’s refreshing flavors and incredible health benefits, this is no surprise. While we don’t need an official reason to warm up the kettle and pour a cup of tea, in the United States and Canada, January is National Hot Tea Month—the perfect time to broaden your tea tastes, and maybe even learn something about your favorite drink. Would you like to celebrate too? We’re here to give you some inspiration!

national hot tea month

Incorporate Hot Tea into Your Daily Diet

This seems obvious. Just like eating fruits and vegetables, regular tea consumption has indeed shown to have significant health benefits, including cancer prevention, weight management, improvement of cardiovascular health, and reduction of high blood pressure. You may even use tea in cooking to add an extra dimension of flavor to dishes like this one, for example.

Get The Proper Tea Equipment

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Consistently making a proper cup of tea requires the right tools. From filters, to teapots, to infusers, you will find the quality crafted brewing equipment designed to meet your needs within your budget at CoffeeAM. These tea tools are made from sturdy materials that make preparation and clean-up simple, and will preserve the true flavor and aroma of your tea.

Try Some New Teas

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Your month’s celebration is obviously pointless without a selection of gourmet tea! Whether you’re in the mood for loose-leaf teas, herbal teas, flavored teas, chai teas, or more, we can help you satisfy your tastes. Transform your boring teatime routine into a genuinely memorable experience every single time.

Give The Gift of Tea

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Another special way to celebrate is to surprise your fellow tea-lovers in your life with some unique, gourmet tea gifts. We have unique gift sets exquisitely packaged, which can be shipped directly to your gift recipients. If you can’t quite find the perfect tea gift, then we will even be happy to create a custom one which better meets your expectations and needs.

Learn Something About Tea

Do you know where and how tea really got its start and became popular? Legend has it that the custom of drinking tea began in 2737 B.C., when tea leaves accidentally blew into a pot of boiling water belonging to Chinese Emperor Shen Nung. Once the emperor drank the brew, he was pleasantly surprised by its flavor and therapeutic properties.  

Now, we think you should have everything that you could possibly need to thoroughly enjoy National Hot Tea Month. Share your newly found knowledge with your friends and family, and spread the tea love! Do you have a favorite type of tea? Share it with us here, and please tell us how you will be celebrating this month! Visit CoffeeAM to add some excitement to your daily tea and coffee, and we encourage you to stay tuned for more tips, tidbits, trends, creative ideas, and the latest news from the colorful and always flavorful world of gourmet tea and coffee!

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