Gourmet Tea

Gourmet Tea
From gourmet loose-leaf tea, to Chai concentrate, and tea equipment, we have a vast selection of quality innovative products for you to choose from. We carry it all! We offer hundreds of different types of teas to choose from...select a Tisane, or maybe an herbal tea to enhance your health.

Flavored tea or Chai will certainly bring a little tasty excitement into your day. Don't forget to check out our top-of-the-line equipment to make your tea experience a complete success. Our extensive tea and chai repertoire is sure to turn your traditional tea time into a sensational sensory adventure!
Loose Leaf Tea
Loose-leaf tea is without question the right way to experience gourmet tea. Become engaged as you watch your tea unfurl and release a celebration of color and flavor.
Flavored Tea
Enjoy the amazing aroma of any of our 23 flavored teas. Let your flavored tea time boost your mood, lifts your spirits and send you stress packing!
Tisane Teas
Brewed like tea, a Tisane is a delightful blend of herbs, flowers, roots, nuts, and fruit. Mother earths finest!
Tea Bags
An exciting combination of art and craftsmanship, our extensive tea equipment collection has something for everyone and every price range.
Herbal Tea
Hot or cold, this delicious herbal tea offering is an exciting flavor with plenty of naturally occurring vitamins and minerals. For centuries, herbal tea has been used for its potential health benefits!
Tazo Tea
Tea Equipment
An exciting combination of art and craftsmanship. Our extensive tea equipment collection has something for everyone and every price range.
Chai Tea
Ready to try something different? Chai tea is your ticket to excitement! Enjoy the exotic spices and sensual flavor that Chai will offer you...hot or cold!
Monin Tea Concentrate
Oregon Chai Concentrates
Oregon Chai Concentrates
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