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Getting Your Caffeine Fix Through the Hot Months Ahead

We all still need our coffee or tea fix even though the heat outside is sweltering. Here are some ways you can get your caffeine fix this summer. 

iced coffee

Iced Coffee

Start your day off with an iced version of your morning coffee. Brew as you normally would, then allow your coffee to cool down before pouring it over ice. The cool-down period means your iced coffee keeps its full strength, otherwise, the hot coffee will melt the ice and water down the flavor of your coffee. Plan ahead and brew your coffee the day before. Keep your pre-brewed coffee in the fridge for optimal chill.

If you like your iced coffee sweet, pre-sweeten it while it's still hot so the sugar can dissolve completely. Alternatively, make a simple syrup that will mix with your coffee easier. Add your milk or milk substitute as well to make your coffee just the way you like it. You can even add flavored syrups to your iced coffee for extra flavor. Make your iced coffee with our signature Iced Coffee Blends.

Iced Tea

An oldie but a goodie, iced tea is a tried-and-true staple to keep yourself cool when it's hot outside. Stick with black tea for a classic chiller or try something incredibly refreshing and substitute green tea. Keep a pitcher of your choice of tea in the refrigerator for those really hot days. Keep lemon and mint on hand to add more flavor to your glass. Our Iced Tea Blend [link] is designed specifically for this purpose. For your iced green tea, try our Sencha Kyoto Cherry Rose.

Iced Latte

Whether you prefer to make your latte with coffee or tea, pour it over ice for an absolutely delicious way to cool down. For a unique iced latte, try starting with Earl Grey tea as a base. Sweeten your tea with a pump of lavender flavored coffee syrup for a custom drink you can enjoy sitting on the porch.

Cold Brew

Make your iced coffee with cold brew for a silky smooth cooler you won't be able to get enough of. Start with our signature Cold Brew Blends. Remember, when you brew your cold brew that it makes an exceptionally strong coffee concentrate. Add cold water to dilute your coffee to your liking. Choose still water for your traditional iced cold brew or substitute sparkling water to add a little fizz to your chilled caffeine.


When you want your caffeine to taste like dessert, make a frappe. This shake-like coffee drink is the ultimate in chill. Add some coffee sauces like chocolate or caramel and top with some fresh whipped cream.

What's your favorite caffeine chiller?

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