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Your Father’s Day Gift Guide

This Sunday, June 19th is a very special national holiday in the United States—Father’s Day! You want to show your father and/or grandfather how much you care about them with a thoughtful, meaningful gift. When you’re a kid, it seems simple enough—grab some crayons and whip up a nice card or craft. However, when you’re a grown-up, your dad or granddad probably won’t respond with the same enthusiasm, unless perhaps, you’re a professional artist. Instead of giving those special dads ties and t-shirts that will most likely get lost somewhere in their closets, why not give them something that they can actually use and enjoy on a daily basis? If you’re looking for a way to make this Father’s Day truly memorable within your budget, then our refreshing gift guide will certainly help you. Father’s Day “Well-Suited” Gift Set If your dad’s day is not complete without a cup (or two) of fresh coffee, then this gift set will literally suit his tastes. It consists of three one-pound gourmet coffees with rich flavors and aromas that will invigorate the senses, and will leave dad pleasantly surprised. For a personal touch, you can have your dad’s name or a message printed directly on each bag. The first of the three coffees featured is Sumatra Black Satin, a lightly acidic, heavy-bodied, dark roast, which is easily one of the most respected flavors in the coffee industry. It’s freshly roasted, and the package is cleverly designed to reflect the suave side of dad. Next, you’ll find Colombia Supremo, another popular choice amongst coffee connoisseurs. This medium roasted gourmet coffee has a strikingly exhilarating flavor and aroma with the perfect balance of body and acidity. As another advantage, the packaging can also be customized with messaging. After just a few sips, your fathers and grandfathers will be hooked; so don’t be surprised when they come back for seconds! The last coffee contained in this gift set is the Vermont Maple Pecan, a delightful combination of sweet maple syrup, buttery pecan, and freshly roasted Arabica coffee beans. Together, this tantalizing trio of tastes will surely make dad feel like a superstar on his special day. For your convenience, you can purchase this set of three coffees all together, or individually, and we can ship anywhere in the United States. To ensure that your dad receives only the freshest gourmet coffee, each package is heat-sealed in a special valve bag, and is freshly roasted just prior to shipping. No matter what the occasion may be, you’ll find plenty of delicious, gourmet coffee and tea gifts and much more at CoffeeAM. Do you have any special plans to surprise dad on Father’s Day or any family traditions that you would like to share with us? Please comment with your thoughts, and we look forward to hearing from you! Once again, we wish you all a very Happy Father’s Day!
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