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Your Coffee Import: A Spotlight on Colombia

Colombia is known worldwide for its high-quality coffee, and it even ranks second worldwide in yearly coffee production. For the most part, the coffee that we consume everyday originates in Colombia. Across the country, family coffee farms put in tremendous effort in producing the finest coffee. Colombia’s coffee-growing region spans the scenic, farming landscapes of the Andes Mountain Range. So what makes Colombia such a great place for coffee production?  The elements that contribute to this are the tropical climate with plenty of rainfall, the rugged terrain, the high altitudes which encourage coffee trees to mature slowly, which locks in flavor, and lastly the volcanic soils consisting of rich organic material reducing the need for fertilizer. The strength of the Colombian coffee industry has not only created more and more jobs for farmers, it has also made coffee the pride of Colombia, and in turn, contributed to building its national identity. At CoffeeAm, we have a delicious variety of Colombian coffee blends that certainly honor their roots with rich flavors. The Supremo beans are known around the world as one of the highest grades of coffee available, and we are proud to say that each of our Colombian coffee bags contains them. These are two of our very favorites, imported straight from Colombia.

Colombia Supremo La Valle Verde

Our Colombia Supremo La Valle Verde gourmet coffee made from these beans is hand harvested and has an exhilarating aroma perfect for waking up your senses. Living up to its name, it is truly a supremely fresh, light-medium roast blend that transports the taste buds to the lush, foothills of Colombia.

Decaf Colombia Supremo Coffee

Even if you are more in the mood for decaf or organic coffee, we have a Colombian blend for you. For example, you can expect the same high quality and flavor standards from our Decaf Colombia Supremo Coffee. Though as and additional benefit, CoffeeAM will donate 10% of the sales from this particular coffee to the Living Beyond Breast Cancer Foundation.

You don’t need to travel very far to experience authentic Colombian flavors, and to learn why rich, flavorful coffee is the pride of Colombia. CoffeeAM is committed to making it easy for you to share that experience with friends and family near and far everyday. Explore the world through coffee with some of our other delicious global flavors.
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