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What’s Your Coffee Personality?

You probably generally take your coffee the same way every day, and it may have become such a key part of your daily routine, that you really don’t give it a second thought. Yet, the type of coffee that you drink may truly illustrate your personality. Today, we’ll touch on some of the most popular types of coffee, what characterizes them, and what it says about you if you prefer a certain kind. Espresso Drinkers Espresso is a finely ground, typically dark coffee roast, produced by forcing hot water under high pressure through the compacted coffee. It is a quite strong coffee that is usually served in 1-2 ounce portions. If you love a good cup of espresso, much like the strong nature of this drink, you’re a very no-nonsense, straightforward type of person. You are very resolute, and in turn, you often like to take the leadership role. Latte Drinkers A latte is prepared by brewing coffee on a stovetop, and then pouring it into a cup of heated milk. In place of coffee, another base like tea can be used. To make a basic latte, you will combine 3 ounces of coffee with 7 ounces of steamed milk. In the US, lattes are largely coffee shop drinks, but in Italy, where they originated, lattes are commonly prepared at home with breakfast. In stark contrast to the espresso drinkers, if you prefer lattes, you are most likely a very laid back person, who tries to steer clear of confrontations as much as possible. You tend to be indecisive, and are constantly trying to please others by being helpful whenever you can. Cappuccino Drinkers While lattes can be made using any type of coffee or base drink, cappuccinos are always made by combining espresso blend coffee, hot milk, steamed milk, and oftentimes, additional flavorings like sugar, or fruit. Also unlike a latte, a cappuccino has a thicker layer of milk foam on top. If a cup of cappuccino really hits the spot for you, then similar to your favorite beverage, you have a complex personality consisting of many layers. You are very social, and enjoy engaging in good conversation. However, you can be a little obsessive and controlling. Decaf Drinkers Decaf coffee is generally made by either steaming green coffee beans or soaking them in hot water, and then exposing them to some type of solvent to extract or dissolve the caffeine content. Decaf coffee enthusiasts like yourself are extremely persistent, and thrive when there is a sense of rigidity and order. You like to be in control at all times and consequently are a perfectionist. Therefore, when things fall out of place, you tend to become extremely anxious. With these personality traits, you find it especially difficult to treat yourself. Were you surprised by any of these personalities? Do you think your coffee choice tells a different story? Please share your thoughts in the comments section, and for all of your coffee needs, be sure to visit us today at CoffeeAM!
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