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What Should You Drink with that Holiday Show?

There are so many Christmas movies and episodes of TV shows these days you could probably watch 2 or 3 per day and still not get through all of them before Christmas. That's okay, you can still enjoy a tasty drink while watching them. This week, we're pairing our coffees, teas, and more with holiday movies and shows. Come have fun!

holiday movies and coffee

It's a Wonderful Life

This Christmas classic deserves a classic to enjoy sipping while watching. Enter our Hot Toddy Flavored coffee. With its flavors of spicy cinnamon, heady liqueur, and bright citrus, it's sure to help keep your spirits up through this self-discovery holiday masterpiece.

Miracle on 34th Street (1947)

The movie that shows being sensible just might be overrated. Enjoy a big mug of hot cocoa with lots of marshmallows and believe!

A Christmas Story

What do a bar of soap, a sexy leg lamp, and dinner at a Chinese restaurant have in common? The Parker family of course. Poor Ralphie just wants a Red Ryder BB Gun for Christmas; is that too much to ask? Quell the inevitable disappointment of an ever-optimistic 9-year-old with a hot cup of our Lump of Coal French Roast coffee. Don't let the name fool you! This coffee has a rich smoky flavor that stands out.

Die Hard

OK, arguments about its validity as a Christmas movie aside, Die Hard is an epic any time of year. Watching John McClain as he spars with Hans Gruber calls for something equally... explosive? Try our Temple of Heaven Gunpowder Green Tea. Contrary to its name, this tea is named for its resemblance to pellets and not for its taste. Rich, clean, and refreshing, add a sprig of mint, a slice of lemon, and a pinch of sugar for a relaxing drink to counteract all that crazy on-screen action.

The Nightmare Before Christmas

Whether you enjoy this haunting animated musical for Halloween or Christmas, the frappuccino or frozen latte drinks we highlighted in this blog post.  Choose Jack, Sally, or Oogie Boogie (or all three! No judgment here!) are fun and tasty.

Holiday Inn

A story of friends and how they rockily help their Army commander save his winter wonderland. This heartwarming holiday musical deserves something equally as warming. Try a cup of our Jamaica Blue Mountain Blend for a rich and amazingly smooth coffee to enjoy with this lovely holiday movie.

A Muppet Christmas Carol

Scrooge and Muppets? You bet! If you've never watched A Muppet Christmas Carol, prepared to be pleasantly surprised. Make yourself a cup of Egg Nog Flavored coffee and sit back for a version of the Dickens classic that just works.


Will Ferrell as a tall, wide-eyed, and bumbling elf in the big city is as charming as he is maddening (just ask James Caan and Bob Newhart). We think Buddy would enjoy our Vermont Maple Pecan Flavored coffee. Enjoy it with a couple of Christmas cookies. No, the spaghetti is not necessary.

Love Actually

This British holiday staple follows the intertwining romances of ten people and how they wax and wane over the weeks leading up to Christmas. Sometimes happy and others bittersweet, Love Actually is not unlike a cup of espresso. Enjoy an espresso or one of a number of espresso-based drinks made with the five half-pound bags in our Espresso Sampler while watching this flick. Be sure to have some tissues on hand.

Doctor Who Christmas Special

Okay, there were just too many Christmas episodes to go through (we warned you at the beginning of this post) so we've landed on the annual Doctor Who Christmas Special as our final show. Which one? Well, that's entirely up to you. Choose your favorite Doctor and enjoy a holiday story set in time and space. If you don't know where to start, try the A Christmas Carol episode from the Matt Smith days as the Doctor tries to move the heart of a miserly man. A hot cup of English Breakfast tea is just what the Doctor ordered. Add a little milk and sugar for a truly British cuppa.


A Christmas Carol (Audio Book - Patrick Stewart)

Sure we already have two versions of A Christmas Carol, and this isn't a movie or a book, but Patrick Stewart reading the Dickens classic is the best part of Christmas. Make a cup of Earl Grey, hot, and sit back for an experience you never knew you needed.

What holiday movies did we miss and what would you pair with them?

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