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What Makes Our Black Satin Sumatra A Best-Seller?

If you haven't tried our Black Satin Sumatra yet, you don't know what you're missing. But why is this dark roast such a favorite? Let's find out.

black roast coffee beans


Sumatra is a large island in Indonesia. This Southeast Asian island is known for its rugged and tropical beauty. The active volcanoes make the soil ideal for growing coffee (though living near these volcanoes can obviously be dangerous.) The pure arabica bean coffee plants that grow in Sumatra benefit from the volcanic soil, sunny days, high humidity, and ocean breezes afforded by island life. You can learn more about the island nation of Indonesia and other coffees at our Indonesia Coffee Tour blog

The Coffee

The growing conditions on Sumatra produce a coffee with a uniquely earthy flavor. These coffees are celebrated for their immense smoothness and full-bodied flavor. You'll find Sumatran coffee has deep notes of dark chocolate, bright notes of floral herbs, juicy notes of stone fruits, and a touch of syrupy sweetness.

The Roast

Our Sumatra Black Satin is one of the coffees that truly benefits from a dark roast. The smoky aromas and black pepper finish that come from this dark roast add complex layers to this already mysterious bean. If you are an espresso fan, love espresso-based drinks, or simply enjoy a bold coffee, our Sumatra Black Satin is the choice for you.

Our Customers

Don't just take our word for how good this coffee is. You, our customers, have made our Sumatra Black Satin our best-selling coffee, hands down! This is, by far, one of our most positively reviewed single-origin coffee beans. With a 4.8 star rating, 97% of those who reviewed our Sumatra Black Satin say they would recommend this coffee to a friend. Read fellow customer reviews here

Add a bag of our Sumatra Black Satin to your next order and see for yourself why this coffee is so good.

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