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Let's Head Back to School!

For many places school is either back in session or will be soon. Are you prepared? We can help!

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Whether your kids are heading off to kindergarten or college, shaking off the lazy days of summer can be a challenge at the beginning of a new school year. Getting ready for a new year of school takes more than just finding the right clothes and supplies. New routines, new friends, and adding amazing new information to your knowledge bank take a new mindset.

School Supplies

Typically each teacher has their own list of supplies your child will need to bring to school to be successful in the classroom. Pencils, pens, paper, folders, binders, erasers, pencil sharpeners, markers, colored pencils, scissors, and more can typically be found on countless back-to-school lists.

In addition to those specific school items, many teachers also add hand sanitizer, facial tissue, baby wipes, cleaning wipes, dry erase markers, and other items that might help to keep the classroom functioning to a certain degree. Some teachers make these items optional, but please consider including them when shopping, as those items can make a big difference in the day-to-day running of the classroom.

Getting Personal

When checking off those school supplies on that teacher list, be sure to let your child show their individual personal style as they choose items. Allowing your kid to choose their own binder colors, pencil or pen types, and containers (backpack, messenger bag, pencil case, etc.) lets them express themselves and gives them a little control over the situation.

Get it Together

Your student will need something to keep all this new gear together. With so many backpacks, messenger bags, and other bags to corral their stuff, finding the right thing might take some time, but patience is a virtue in this instance. It might take some trial and error to find what works for your kid depending on their organizational style. Multiple sections, one big section, small containers... there are countless ways to help those kiddos keep their belongings organized.

A Place For Everything

To help your school-age kids succeed, set aside an area for quiet concentration and study. Boost their success rate by making sure the area is free from distractions while being stocked with everything they might need for a good homework and study session.

Pencils, pens, paper, highlighters, sticky notes, and a dictionary are all great things to have available. If your youngster needs access to a computer, make sure you've installed parental controls to cut down on social media and websites that might prove to keep your student from full immersion.

Even keeping some healthy snacks within reach might be a good way to help your kids be successful. Water, granola bars, and fruit are all perfect choices for keeping their minds on the task at hand.

Family Affair

Take some time to figure out what you need to keep your family organized and on track this school year. Whether your family does better with analog or digital will determine which direction you choose for keeping everybody on the same page. Add important dates on your calendar like meetings with the teacher, projects, band or chorus concerts, sports, and practice.

Add an in-box in your child's study area for important papers from school. Teach your kids to put notes from the teacher, permission slips, and anything else from the school in the inbox as soon as they get home. Get yourself in the habit of checking the inbox every evening to ensure you don't miss anything.

Make a Good Impression

Finally, when you head to those meet the teacher events, bring something along that will make a good impression. Coffee and tea from CoffeeAM is a wonderful way to let your kid's teachers know you've got their backs. Give them our Class-iest Blend or our Proper English Tea as a symbol of your appreciation. Or, let them pick their own coffee or tea with a thoughtful gift card.

If you're on the fundraising team for the PTA, the drama club, or any other reason the school might need funds, consider our coffee as a fundraiser.

College Bound

Finally, for your college students, back to school can be a mixed bag of exciting and nerve-wracking. Send your kids a care package with some of their favorites to help them with homesickness. Start their year off on the right foot with a gift of freshly roasted coffee or gourmet tea. Choices like our French Press Coffee & Tea Gift Set include everything they need to get started. If they've already got the basics, our Coffee of the Month Club  provides them with two pounds of freshly roasted coffee each month. That's sure to help with those late-night study sessions!

Here's looking forward to a happy and healthy new school year!

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