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What is a Coffee Roastmaster?

What is the best part of drinking a good cup of coffee? From the soothing feeling it gives you, to the fresh aroma, and the satisfying flavor, it’s hard to pick just one aspect of it that you love most! Before that coffee ever reaches your cup, or even before it makes its way into a package, there is quite a bit of work that goes into making the coffee meet and exceed your expectations. That’s where the role of a coffee roastmaster comes into play. At CoffeeAM, we have our own team of experienced coffee roastmasters who are passionate about their job. But, do YOU know what they do, and what it takes to make it as a roastmaster? We would like to share this info with you, so you gain a better understanding, and a deeper appreciation of your coffee.

First, what do they do?

b26c6a3f-b868-410d-9bd2-e7abf26bfb88 Unroasted coffee beans are actually green seeds from the berries that grow on coffee plants, and are bitter and acidic. Through the roasting process, the coffee roastmaster transforms the green coffee into coffee that is suitable for drinking.   How do they do it? Freshly roasted coffee beans Roastmasters decide where their coffee beans will come from, by developing connections with farmers and importers who know everything about the coffee’s exact origins and the farming conditions. Using special roasting machines, coffee roastmasters control the degree of roast, from light to dark, of the green coffee beans. With heat, the beans become drier, lighter in weight, darker in color, expand, and ultimately change in flavor. In larger facilities, a conveyor system loads the green coffee beans into the roasting machine, which is then packaged by an automated production line. However, in smaller facilities, the roastmasters themselves load the beans into the machines, and package the roasted beans by hand.   How do they train? Production House Owner Weighing Roasted Coffee Packaging In order to become a coffee roastmaster, there are no formal requirements, but various coffee trade associations offer certificate programs, workshops, and training in subjects like roast profiles, coffee grading, and packaging, to name a few. Even some manufacturers of roasting machines can teach prospective roasters on how to use their equipment. They may also learn how to use digital tools to monitor each batch, like those that regulate temperature in the roasting chamber. Gaining plenty of hands-on experience is the best way to enter the field of roasting. As you can see, it takes a lot of patience, effort, and above all, passion for roasting, to produce a superb cup of coffee. This is an ideal that we firmly stand by at CoffeeAM, and it shows in the work of our coffee roastmasters. We invite you to explore our wide selection of gourmet coffees from all parts of the world, freshly roasted and shipped the same day in heat-sealed valve bags. This way, you won’t have any doubts about the coffee’s freshness. Would you like to learn even more about coffee? Keep checking in with us for more tidbits, tips, new coffee research, and much more!
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