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Tortuga Rum Cakes from CoffeeAM

Delicious & authentic! We make it easy to buy Tortuga Rum Cakes that are imported from the Cayman Islands. Two flavors. Three sizes. Treat yourself to the original Tortuga Rum Cake! The original recipe is a family tradition that has never been revealed, and it has remained unchanged for generations. This popular coffee cake is made from fresh ingredients including chopped walnuts and a generous amount of premium, five-year aged Tortuga Gold Rum. Each cake is individually glazed with the sweetness and unique flavors of golden rum and is vacuum-sealed for freshness. In a region that is known for its rum, the Tortuga Rum Cake stands out as one of the Cayman Islands prized exports! The perfect compliment to the World-Famous Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee - Also from Caribbean. For a limited time try a rum cake on us!BNR-TortugaRumCake02
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