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Three More Curious Coffees to Perk You Up

When it comes to your choice in coffee, do you like to walk on the wild side, or stick to the standards? We previously shared a sample of some of the more adventurous gourmet flavors that we offer at CoffeeAM, so today, we would like to invite you to try three more curious coffees that are sure to satisfy your taste buds, and put you in the right mood. Jalapeno Coconut Flavored Coffee Jalapeno Coconut Flavored CoffeeCould your morning cup of coffee use a little extra kick? Then, this surprising blend of gourmet, medium roasted Arabica coffee beans, a splash of jalapeno, and sweet coconut will prove to be an unexpectedly delicious treat. The tropical aroma is as light and refreshing as the smooth flavor. The heat of the jalapeno perfectly balances out the sweetness of the coconut, with neither flavor overpowering the other, and no unsettling aftertaste. To ensure the optimal flavor, aroma, and roast, the beans are small batch roasted the day they are shipped, and packaged in a heat-sealed valve bag. Try some today either hot or cold, and you’ll see how these unique flavors beautifully melt together. Egg Nog Rum Flavored Coffee Egg Nog RUm Flavored CoffeeYou don’t have to wait until Christmas to get your egg nog fix, when you have this peculiar flavored coffee—Egg Nog Rum! A burst of cinnamon, the flavors of Jamaican Rum, and 100% Arabica bean coffee combine to create an incomparable cup. It is a characteristically smooth and rich brew with no acidic aftertaste, making it the perfect thirst quencher all year round. It’s freshly roasted the day it ships, so you can rest assured that you are receiving the highest quality coffee. Brew some egg nog rum flavored coffee at your next gathering with friends and family, and you’ll get the conversation started! Banana Split Flavored Coffee Banana Split Flavored CoffeeWould you believe that one of the world’s most iconic desserts could be transformed into a mouthwatering coffee? With a little bit of creativity, we’ve made that possible with our banana split flavored coffee! No matter when you are in the mood for something indulgent, you can enjoy the flavors of warm chocolate fudge, creamy French vanilla, sweet cherries, and bananas all in one cup without the extra calories or mess. The aroma and flavor are not too overwhelming as you might expect, and you can actually taste each element of a banana split in each serving. 100% real Arabica coffee beans are medium roasted to perfection, so you’ll keep coming back for more! We hope this has sparked your interest in trying some new and interesting flavored coffees, which you may not have even imagined! For an even wider selection of gourmet coffee, please be sure to visit us today at CoffeeAM.
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