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The Perfect Blend for Any Time

“Coffee—the favorite drink of the civilized world.” The millions of coffee enthusiasts worldwide would wholeheartedly agree with founding father and former United States president, Thomas Jefferson. You may be one of those coffee lovers who needs at least two cups to make it through the day. Thankfully, at CoffeeAM, we carry a unique array of gourmet blends that are specially made to satisfy your coffee cravings at particular times of the day. Breakfast Blend CoffeeBreakfast Blend Coffee Many see the morning cup of coffee as the most essential one, and they need that boost of energy to get ready and out the door each day. Our Breakfast Blend Coffee is a medium-bodied, medium-roasted, mellow blend of Central American coffees. The light acidity, rich, bold flavor of caramel and chocolate, smooth, sweet taste, and the refreshing aroma come together to create a perfectly balanced and refreshing blend. Cafe Blend CoffeeCafé Blend Coffee If you’re looking for a blend to perk you up during that early afternoon slump, then the search is over. All you need is a hot cup of our café blend to soothe your senses, and relieve your stress. Every sip is reminiscent of open-air sidewalk cafes, where customers are comfortably shaded under parasols. Café blend consists of Central and South American Arabica coffee beans light-medium roasted, and blended with French Roasted Brazilian Santos. This combination creates a bright, complex coffee with a delightful bittersweet taste. Whether you’re having lunch with friends or just need a quick breather, Café Blend will be just right for you. After Dinner Blend CoffeeAfter Dinner Blend Coffee Right after a full meal, you usually fall into a sleepy, low-energy state as your body begins focusing on digestion. Our After Dinner Blend has hints of cardamom, a spice typically used in Asian cuisine that aids in digestion. This blend is a dark roasted, heavy-bodied blend of rich, smoky flavors, with low acidity, and absolutely no bitterness. Whether you’re hosting a dinner party, or just need something to round off your meal, this classic blend will impress guests. After just a cup, you’ll be tempted to drink it after every meal! Interested in an even greater variety of blends to lift your spirits any time of the day? Please visit us today at CoffeeAM, and you’ll discover intriguing flavor profiles and textures from all over the world. Place your order today, and your coffee blend will be roasted and shipped on the very same day to ensure freshness. What are your favorite coffee blends? Tell us which ones and why in the comments section, and you may be featured in an upcoming post.
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