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The Difference With Decaf Tea

When we talk about ‘decaf,’ most likely coffee instantly comes to mind. Many people choose it as an alternative to regular coffee, believing it to be healthier and jitter reducing. But, did you know that decaf tea exists as well? Actually, recently, more individuals have made the switch from coffee to tea, because it seems even healthier than decaf coffee. How does decaf tea stand up against decaf coffee? What makes decaf tea so different from regular tea? We’re here to give you some answers to these common questions, and clear up your confusion. What is Decaf Tea? Caffeine is naturally found in tea leaves, and almost all forms of tea—black, oolong, green, and white—can be decaffeinated. Still, black and green tea are the two main ones that are regularly decaffeinated. Even after the decaffeination process is completed, the tea leaves will still contain a small amount of caffeine. There are laws that dictate the exact level of caffeine that a tea must contain to be considered ‘decaf.’ A tea must have less than 2.5% of its original caffeine level. Decaf Tea vs. Decaf Coffee Neither decaf tea nor decaf coffee is completely caffeine free. Since coffee has significantly more caffeine content than tea has to begin with, the decaffeinated version will naturally still retain more caffeine than decaf tea. Decaf coffees contain between approximately 8.6 mg and 13.9 mg of caffeine, while decaf tea usually contains less than 2 mg of caffeine. Decaf Tea vs. Regular Tea - Health In terms of health benefits, research has been conducted on the effects of decaf vs. caffeinated tea, but there have not been any conclusive results. Some studies suggest that decaf teas have anti-cancer effects, and in some cases, decaf teas were richer in antioxidants, chemicals that assist in disease prevention, than regular teas. But, as the antioxidant content varies widely amongst different teas, it’s difficult to clearly gauge if there is a difference. Both types of teas both provide excellent health benefits, the key difference being the stimulating effects of caffeine. Teas of all types assist in cardiovascular disease prevention, can help prevent bone loss, may boost the immune system, and soothe the digestive system. Our Decaf Tea At CoffeeAM, we carry authentic gourmet tea that has been expertly decaffeinated through an intensive process. Even though the caffeine level is reduced, our decaf tea still retains its delicious flavor. If you would like to try some of our most popular gourmet teas from around the world, please visit us today at CoffeeAM. What’s your personal preference? Do you like decaf or regular tea? Tell us which one and why in the comments section below, and we sincerely look forward to hearing from you. Be sure to check back for more insight into the coffee and tea industry.
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