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Sulawesi Coffee – The Inside Story

As promised, we’ve packed our bags and trekked forward on our coffee tour of the world. We’ve just traversed the Middle East, and now we’ll go southeast to the world’s largest Island country—Indonesia. Indonesia, located between the Indian Ocean and Pacific Ocean, is comprised of several thousand smaller islands. One of the main islands, which is particularly notable in the coffee world, is Sulawesi. It’s not only famous for its majestic mountains and scenic coastline, the coffee produced here is also held in very high regard. History and Basic Info First, Sulawesi is the 11th largest island in the world, and 4th largest island in Indonesia. There is also a unique way in which Sulawesi itself was formed thousands of years ago—by a collision of the geological plates that Australia and Asia reside on. This, in turn, caused its mountains to rise up high above 1,000 meters, and left large deposits of iron in the soil. Many believe that this contributes to the special taste of Sulawesi coffee beans. Coffee Growth and Processing 95% of the coffee from Sulawesi comes from small holders and small farms. Toraja is the most famous coffee region on the island, as the environment there is very conducive to coffee growth, with altitudes ranging between 1400 and 1900 meters. The coffee beans are processed using an ancient method—the coffee cherries themselves are mechanically mashed to remove their husks, are left to sit overnight with their mucous-like pulp still on the beans, until they are sun-dried the next day. The people of Toraja have used this method for several generations, believing it to remove the coffee bean’s acidity, while preserving all other flavors. Sulawesi Flavor and Aroma Sulawesi is full-bodied with a complex mixture of flavors—chocolate, berry, spices, and herbal tones. While the flavors alone are exciting, the aroma is almost as satisfying. You’ll smell different kinds of chocolate, hints of vanilla, and a touch of citrus. Bring together the flavor and fragrance, and you have more than a stimulating cup of coffee, you have a complete sensory experience. Our Sulawesi Coffee At CoffeeAM, our Sulawesi beans come directly from the aforementioned Toraja region, so it’s no surprise that our Sulawesi Gourmet Coffee is a customer favorite. It is a full-bodied, medium-light roasted coffee, with a light acidity, and smooth body. With each sip, the fresh flavors of cinnamon and spice bring out the delicious aftertaste. For your convenience, this coffee is available in one-pound and five-pound bags, and is fresh-roasted the day that you order. Whether you’re looking for that perfect flavor to jumpstart your morning or to relax you after dinner, Sulawesi will consistently fulfill and exceed your expectations. We hope that you’ll give this one-of-a-kind gourmet coffee a try today, and if you’re interested in discovering coffees from other parts of the world as well, please be sure to visit us. To learn more about different coffee cultures, grab some new recipes, and to keep up with the latest industry news and trends, stay tuned right here at CoffeeAM.
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