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Spotlight on Sumatra

We have told you about coffee from many parts of the world, from Brazil to Guatemala, Argentina to Ethiopia. Today, we are going to tell you about a region that you may not know very well—Sumatra. We will address the basics of Sumatran coffee, and give you a taste of what makes it so popular. First of all, where is Sumatra? Sumatra is a large island in the far western part of Indonesia. In fact, it is the fourth largest island in the whole world. Coffee was actually not a native plant to Indonesia. In the 17th century, the Dutch introduced Arabica coffee plants when they had control of Indonesia. Where does the coffee grow? Coffee in Sumatra is grown on small coffee farms, of about 1-2 acres of land. There are primarily 3 types of coffee that are grown in Sumatra, and each grows in a different region. Mandheling, (a market name for Arabica coffee) which is produced outside the city of Padang on the west coast, Gayo, produced in a region on the hillsides at the northern tip of Sumatra, and Lintong, grown in north-central Sumatra. How does the coffee grow? Sumatran coffee is grown in a warm, damp climate using a process called wet-hulling, in which the farmer picks the ripe coffee cherry,removes the skin and pulp, and either dries it immediately, or lets it sit overnight, and washes & dries it the next day.  Consequently, the coffee has much higher moisture content than more commonly used methods. This process also allows the coffee to last longer when it comes to the imported country. What is the flavor profile? Coffees from Sumatra are generally smooth and full-bodied, with low acidity. At Coffee AM, it is our pleasure to give you the opportunity to taste some of the best, most authentic coffees from Sumatra. Mandheling coffee has an earthy flavor, with hints of chocolate and brown sugar, and it has an intense, herbal aroma. This coffee in particular has a very rich history. It was once lost in the jungles of Sumatra due to difficult circumstances, and 100 years later it was rediscovered in the Sumatran heat. It is easy to experience one of the most well-known Sumatran coffees, when you order your very own one pound or five pound bag of this gourmet classic, available as regular, decaf, or certified organic. Sumatra Mandheling Organic Sumatra Gayo Mountain is a full-bodied, rich, smooth, medium roast, grown according to strict regulations and practices. It is also cultivated and harvested naturally without the use of pesticides or chemicals, resulting in a very clean cup of coffee. Aside from having a delicious, well-balanced taste, this gourmet coffee is certified organic and fair trade, meaning every sale directly benefits the Sumatran farmers and community who grow it, and helps to provide them with educational needs. Organic Sumatra Gayo Mountain Fair Trade Sumatra Black Satin Coffee is a dark roasted, full, and heavy-bodied delight, with earthy undertones. If you are looking for a coffee with a kick, this gourmet blend has a uniquely smoky aroma, as well as a slight black pepper finish. While the flavor may be bold, it is not at all overwhelming. You can be sure to get a fresh taste of a unique culture with each and every cup you brew. All it takes is a one-pound bag of this gourmet specialty. Sumatra Black Satin Coffee For a gourmet adventure to the world’s fourth largest coffee producing region, Sumatra, swing by CoffeeAM, and you can have fresh roasted gourmet coffee shipped directly to you at and affordable price.
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