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Spotlight on Jamaica

You’ve learned from us about the origins and cultural backgrounds of some of your most favorite coffees from all over the world. Today, we’re giving you the scoop on another top-producing coffee nation that churns out some of the most consistently sought-after coffees in the world market (and amongst our own customers)—the island nation of Jamaica. History of Coffee in Jamaica Still life - coffee wtih text Jamaica Coffee was introduced into Jamaica from Hispaniola, what is now the nation of Haiti, in 1728. The coffee plant naturally thrived in Jamaica’s mountainous terrain, and produced a high quality product. After that, cultivation expanded rapidly, and by 1800 there were 686 coffee plantations in operation. As a result of the abolition of slavery, coffee declined as a major crop, but was revived in the 1950s with the formation of the Jamaican Coffee Industry Board, which worked to raise standards of production and established the first central factory. The excellent growing conditions as well as the labor-intensive cultivation and processing has produced some of the finest coffee in the world.   Growing Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee Mountain range against cloudy sky, Jamaica Where does this coffee get its name? It’s grown in a specific region of Jamaica, the Blue Mountains. Only coffee grown on certain estates can be classified as “Blue Mountain." These are Wallenford, Mavis Bank, Silver Hill, and Moy Hill. Our Jamaica Blue Mountain coffees come to us directly from the Mavis Bank and Wallenford estates, where they are grown at high elevations, and are delicately wet-processed.   Characteristics of Jamaican Coffee Chocolate, orange and coffee beans on wooden table The most well-known and revered type of coffee from Jamaica is Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee. This is known for being carefully handpicked, hand-washed, and small batch roasted. These coffee beans are loved for their smooth finish that is infused with island fruit and chocolate. Blue Mountain coffee is a full-bodied roast with a particularly nutty, yet mild tanginess, and it is very well balanced, with no bitterness. Due to certain standards, the Coffee Industry Board of Jamaica must certify all Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee that are considered 100% authentic. At CoffeeAM, we have a truly delicious selection of fully certified, gourmet Jamaican coffees.   Our Coffees If you would like to go on a tropical tasting adventure in the comfort of your own home, then we invite you to try some of our ever popular, truly authentic Jamaica blue mountain coffee. Whether you would like the smooth richness of a creamy, dreamy, non-acidic Jamaica Blue Mountain Estate Coffee, the buttery body of a fragrant, medium-roasted Jamaica Blue Mountain Cuvée, the mild, yet flavorful twist of the Jamaica Blue Mountain Blend, or more, your taste buds will be transported straight to the island with every cup! As an additional advantage, all of our coffees are fresh roasted and shipped on the same day. Jamaica Blue Mountain Estate Coffee          Jamaica Blue Mountain Cuvée          Jamaican Blue Mountain Blend If you have grown tired of your current coffee brew, then you should embrace some new and intriguing flavors from all around the world. Peruse our vast selection of freshly roasted gourmet coffees at CoffeeAM, and you will surely find your flavor fit.
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