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Spotlight on Burundi

Our most recent exploration of global coffee took us to one of the iconic islands of Indonesia, and today we’re traveling east from there, across the Indian Ocean towards the central African nation of Burundi. Burundi is a producer of one of the finest coffees from Africa, and coffee is also an incredibly valuable commodity that is essential to their economy. In fact, millions of farmers depend on coffee for their livelihood. Why is coffee the pride of this small nation, and why is it so highly regarded in the world? Without missing another moment, let’s examine the answers to these questions and gain some deeper insights into the coffee culture of Burundi. Geography As we said, Burundi is located in central Africa, surrounded by Tanzania, Rwanda, and the Democratic Republic of Congo. It is also referred to as the “Land of a Thousand Hills,” as it is a very mountainous region. Farmers grow strictly Arabica coffee on the steep, misty mountainsides, with respect for the ecology of the surrounding area, and these high altitudes allow the coffee to flourish. In terms of climate, Burundi is characteristically tropical, with irregular periods of rainfall. History The first Arabica coffee tree was introduced to Burundi by Belgium in the early 1930s, and has been growing in the country ever since then. Burundi has invested heavily in a construction program of coffee washing stations and coffee tree planting in strategic locations. Today, coffee is the principal export of Burundi, with an emphasis on quality and sustainability. Flavor Profile Burundi AA Kirimiro CoffeeCultivated from the Bourbon varietal, the coffees of Burundi are rich and full-bodied, with a bright, crisp, and fruity flavor, and sweet and sour tones. It’s balanced in acidity and has a clean and pleasantly dry finish without an overwhelming taste overall. At CoffeeAM, we’re delighted to bring the true taste of this unique coffee right to your home. Our Burundi coffee is light medium roasted with the bold and smooth flavor combination of lemon, black tea, hints of spiced clove, and it has a sweet nutty finish with low acidity. You can brew this gourmet coffee at any strength, with or without cream and sugar, and it will still maintain its integrity. Though these flavors are pronounced, it lacks the bitterness of similar roasts. As a bonus, when brewed it has a very pleasing and satisfying aroma. Order your one-pound or five-pound bag of Burundi AA Kirimiro Coffee today, and it will be fresh roasted the day it ships to ensure the best quality. Is there a particular coffee producing nation that you would like to learn more about? Mention it in the comments, and we’ll be sure to feature it in a future post. Stay tuned right here to continue our tour of the wide world of coffee, and visit us at CoffeeAM for a flavorful array of gourmet coffees and teas from here at home and across the globe.
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