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Should you drink coffee before working out?

running-573762_1280Sports drinks, pre, and post workout powders are popular these days. However, what if you typically drink coffee in the morning, but on some days you feel like working out? Should you forego the coffee for the specialty sports drink?

We found several scientific studies that suggest that your exercise performance would benefit by simply continuing your coffee drinking habit. Let’s look at some of the studies.

Samuele Marcora, Ph.D. is the Director of Research at the School of Sport and Exercise Science at the University of Kent. His current research combines physiology and psychology to investigating fatigue and endurance performance in a variety of populations including athletes, soldiers, and patients affected by diseases.

Professor Marcora references many studies in one of his papers that demonstrate many key benefits to caffeine consumption and athletes. Here are a few benefits as cited by Professor Marcora, in our non-medical lay persons terms. Check with your doctor before beginning any exercise regimen!

Caffeine decreases the perception of effort.

This means that you will be more likely to overcome your body’s sedentary state, get up, and do something physical.

Caffeine can reduce exercise-induced muscle pain.

Caffeine can increase pleasure during exercise.

Caffeine can increase exercise enjoyment.

Scientific papers cited by Professor Marcora in his article support each of the above points. Science supports the positive feelings that you experience after drinking your favorite coffee. Isn’t that terrific?

Would you like some other validation of the above assertions? No problem. We have another study to share with you.

Caffeine use by elite athletes during competitive events is documented in a study out of Camilo Jose Cela University in Madrid, Spain and published in 2011. What they found was insightful. Fully 3 out of 4 athletes in their study had consumed caffeine before or during sports competition. According to their findings, endurance sports athletes showed the highest use of caffeine.

So why not get up and get cracking on your favorite exercise? Now you have an additional reason to continue your coffee indulgence!

Link to original study

Link to study of athletes
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