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Patriotic Gift Sets for Independence Day!

It’s time to break out the fireworks, fire up the grills, and line up for the parade! What’s the occasion? In the United States, we’re getting revved up for Fourth of July celebrations! On this day, we’ll commemorate the adoption of the Declaration of Independence, the official declaration of our nation’s establishment, two hundred forty years ago. It’s an important national holiday, so it’s the perfect time to gather with friends and family, and get into the national spirit. If you’re heading to an Independence Day party or special event this weekend, and you’re looking for some appropriate and unexpected gifts for your host(s), then the search is over. Surprise them with something they can actually use and appreciate each and every day, not just once a year. At CoffeeAM, we carry gourmet gift sets with a patriotic theme ideal for the occasion. In addition, for every one-pound of coffee that you purchase from our Patriotic Coffees and Teas page we will donate one dollar to Hope for the Warriors, an organization dedicated to supporting post 9/11 servicemen and women, their families, and families of the fallen. Here are just a few of the gifts featured for you to try today. Grown in the USA Coffee Gift Set Some of the best coffee is produced here in the states, and you can support American coffee growers and providers with the purchase of this gift set. This delicious set includes three one-pound bags of popular coffees—Maui Red Catuai, Maui Yellow Caturra, and Hawaiian Maui Mokka. Maui Red Catuai is a medium-roasted, smooth gourmet coffee with a complex combination of sweet, spicy, and winey flavors all flawlessly blended together. It is produced with some of the best Arabica beans in Hawaii, so you can be sure that it has the fresh and authentic taste that you would expect. The Maui Yellow Caturra is also a smooth, medium-roasted coffee, but it has a full body with spicy undertones. It is one of the few coffees grown in Hawaii, the only state where coffee is actually grown. Finally, Maui Mokka, is also one of the most loved coffees across the world, not just in America. It’s characteristically spicy and strong in flavor, has a dark, chocolaty body, and a light acidity. Even the aroma is intriguing with a balance of sweetness and spice. Patriotic Decaf Gourmet Gift Set In this delectable set, you’ll receive the decaf versions of three of the most well-known and celebrated coffees in one-pound bags. First, we have Kenya AA, a full-flavored, full-bodied gourmet coffee with a smooth wine-like taste, a light floral aroma, and delicate acidity. With each cup, you’ll develop a deeper appreciation of the sophisticated flavor combination. Next, there’s Mexico ‘Spirit of the Aztec, a customer favorite—a medium-bodied, finely acidic, light delight, that pairs well with other beverages and even complete meals. It has a refreshing nuttiness, which makes it a satisfying choice for any occasion. The third gourmet goody you’ll have the pleasure of having is ‘Swiss Water’ Peru. The unique process that’s used to decaffeinate the beans results in a flavorful, medium-roasted, full-bodied, balanced coffee, with absolutely no bitter aftertaste. As a bonus, you may be happy to know that this coffee is also organic, grown without the use of harmful chemicals. Keep in mind that you can purchase any of these coffees individually or as part of a gift set. Visit us today at CoffeeAM, and explore our truly patriotic selection of gourmet coffees perfect for the upcoming Independence Day holiday, or any time of the year!
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