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Organic Timor Fair-Trade Coffee

Autumn is the time of year when Organic Timor Fair-Trade Coffee is exported, so now is the best time to buy it! Grown on the eastern edge of the Indonesian island chain, this fantastic organic coffee is shade-grown (certified by OCIA) and fair-trade. Over seven thousand farmers pool the resources of their tiny farms—often less than an acre—together into 16 cooperatives. Our batch comes from the CCT, the Cooperativa Café Timor. Timor coffee beans are small and have a yellowish-green color. When you try it, you'll notice that it's a spicy cup of coffee with herbal notes. The acidity is good, and the body is excellent. It's a great cup of coffee perfect for this time of year! Right now, we're offering Organic Timor Fair-Trade Coffee as a free sample so be sure to get your hands on some today!
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