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One More Reason to Love Coffee

We’re back to bring you the latest news in coffee research. You’ve seen how study after study has shown the myriad of benefits of drinking coffee on a daily basis. Well, new research conducted at National Cancer Institute in Rockville, Maryland has brought to light yet another, even more astonishing effect of coffee consumption—lowering the risk of death. Yes—you read that right. For this 10-year study, researchers utilized data from a previous study on 90,317 adults, who had no cancer or history of cardiovascular disease. These subjects were followed from 1998 through 2009, and they recorded their coffee intake, along with other dietary details. By 2009, approximately 8,700 of those test subjects had died. Based on the habits of those studied, the researchers found that coffee drinkers were less likely to have died during the study than those who didn’t drink coffee. In fact, the risk of death was lowest for those who drank four to five cups of coffee per day. Even those who drank decaffeinated coffee faired better. In addition, those who consumed two to three cups of coffee per day had about an 18 percent lower risk of death compared to those who reported drinking no coffee at all. The researchers also found that coffee drinkers had a reduced risk of death from heart disease, chronic respiratory diseases, diabetes, pneumonia, influenza, and even suicide. That being said, coffee is not a cure-all by any means. These results do not prove that coffee extends life. Rather, a moderate amount of coffee consumption can be incorporated into a healthy, balanced lifestyle. So, you don’t need to feel guilty about indulging in a cup or two of freshly brewed coffee every day, as long as you also practice healthy habits, such as exercising and maintaining a balanced diet. Whenever there is something new and exciting happening in the coffee world, we will surely share it with you here. Make every day a little bit better with freshly roasted gourmet coffees from all over the world, including organic and decaf blends. Discover flavorful favorites as well as unique gift ideas perfect for any occasion today at CoffeeAM. Do you need any more reasons to love coffee? Then, stay tuned for the latest coffee research, brewing tips and tricks, DIY projects, creative recipes, and so much more. Now, we want your input! What is it that makes you reach for that fresh, sweet-smelling pot of coffee each day? Please share your thoughts in the comments section, and be sure to treat your taste buds to an unparalleled coffee experience from CoffeeAM!    
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