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Natural Processed Coffee - What Is It And Why Is It So Popular?

Natural processed coffee is all the rage these days, but what is it? What makes it so popular? And, more importantly, how can you get it? Let's find out!

natural processed coffee beans drying in sun

What is Natural Process?

Natural process, more commonly known as dry process or unwashed, is a way of processing coffee cherries (the fruit of the coffee plant) without using water. We've talked about this process before here and here.

Natural processing is considered the oldest method of processing coffee cherries. The process begins after harvesting the ripe cherries. Once the cherries are sorted, they're laid out on raised concrete beds to dry in full sunlight. To ensure the cherries are evenly dried, workers will keep them in an even layer and rake them often. They will cover the cherries at night and when it rains to keep them from any excess dampness. The cherries are dried for several weeks until their moisture content reaches 11%. At this point, the drying process is considered finished.

Drying the cherries to the correct moisture content is important to the quality of the coffee beans. If they are dried too long, the beans will become brittle and will not roast correctly. If they are not dried long enough, the beans will be at risk of molding.

Why is Natural Process so Popular?

Recently, natural processing has become a popular trend. As people learn more about how their coffee is produced, not just brewed, they also learn more about what they prefer. Dry processing produces a smooth coffee with a full body and a clean taste. As you can imagine, a coffee with this profile would have broad appeal. There may also be a contingency of people who prefer their coffee to be dry processed to cut down on the amount of water used to make their daily cup of joe.

How Can You Get Natural Process Coffee?

This is all great, but how can you get your hands on dry processed coffee? Great question. Here at CoffeeAM, we have a handful of dry processed coffees you can try for yourself.

Organic Honduran Finca Santa Maria

Brighten your morning with this delightful natural processed coffee. Our Organic Honduran Finca Santa Maria grows on a family-owned farm and benefits from all-natural growing practices. Floral aromas give way to fruity flavors and a full body you'll surely enjoy.

Organic Sumatra 'Gayo Mountain' Fair Trade

Grown without the use of harsh chemicals and pesticides, our smooth Organic Sumatra 'Gayo Mountain' Fair Trade coffee is a delight. Rich and sweet, this coffee is free from any bitterness and has a tasty, spicy finish.

Ethiopia Longberry

Our Ethiopia Longberry is considered one of the oldest cultivars of arabica bean coffee. After being hand-harvested, it is natural-processed to enhance its natural flavors. Enjoy the bold and complex flavors in this fruity brew.

Brazil Santos

Deemed one of the premium coffees from South America, our Brazil Santos is a popular coffee you're sure to add to your morning routine. Fruity, full-flavored, and complex, this full-bodied brew is a treat.

Brazil 'Moreninha Formosa'

For something off the beaten path, discover our Brazil 'Moreninha Formosa' and delight your taste buds. This exotic coffee has fruity notes of cherry and orange with a dark chocolate finish. Let this coffee transport you to a relaxing place in your mind.

Now that you know more about natural processed coffee, you can jump into the trend with both feet.

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