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Journey to the Middle East

In previous posts, we have explored how coffee is prepared differently and in unique ways all across the world, and we’re continuing our adventure today. Rather than discuss the coffee traditions of a particular nation, we’ll examine that of a region that has been in the spotlight for some time now—the Middle East. What characterizes the coffees from this region, and what makes them special? These are the questions, which we hope to answer today. Geography The Middle East is a region located primarily in western Asia, but also in parts of northern Africa and southeastern Europe. In general, the area is characterized by a warm, arid climate with minimal rainfall. For this reason, several of the world’s largest deserts are located in the Middle East. Coffee is grown in the mountainous regions of the Middle East including small family farms, and because of the dry climate, coffee beans grown there are smaller and more irregular in size and shape. The lack of water means that the coffee cherries are dry processed after harvest. History Though coffee was discovered in the 11th century in Ethiopia, it was only in the 15th century when coffee was commercially cultivated in Yemen that it started to spread across the region. By the 16th century, it was known in Persia, Egypt, Syria, and Turkey. Culture Throughout the Middle East, coffee has become a key element in the culture and traditions of the people. It is seen as a gesture of welcoming and generosity, therefore, it is served whenever guests come. If a person who is visiting a family household refuses to drink coffee, it’s a signal that he is about to ask for something close to the host’s heart, such as a daughter’s hand in marriage. If the request is fulfilled or accepted, then coffee is drunk in celebration. Preparation and Flavor In terms of preparation, Middle Eastern coffee is commonly ground to a powder, sweetened, brought to a boil, and served grounds and all. At CoffeeAM, we carry some authentic and delicious Middle Eastern coffees to please your palate, and to give you a true taste of a different culture. Yemen ‘Arabian Mocca’ Coffee This full-bodied, rich, gourmet coffee has a balanced array of refined flavors—an earthiness, with hints of chocolate and citrus. It is grown in a mountainous region of southern Yemen at an elevation of 4,500 feet, in rich soils, after which it is hand harvested and naturally dried. As one of the world’s oldest cultivated coffees, this treasured flavor will satisfy your taste buds each and every time. Baklava Flavored Coffee Baklava is a Turkish pastry that was once considered a food strictly for the rich. Now, you don’t have to be royalty to enjoy the decadent flavor of baklava whenever you like, even without any cooking whatsoever. Just try a cup of our baklava-flavored coffee. The sweetness of honey blends beautifully with the maple walnut and yummy pistachios—a refreshing combination any time of the day and on any occasion. Now that you know a little bit more about Middle Eastern coffee, please try some for yourself today at CoffeeAM. We also carry an even more extensive selection of freshly roasted gourmet coffees from several different parts of the world, so get ready to get going on another whirlwind coffee trip!
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