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Halloween Isn't Just for the Kids

Getting dressed up and spooking the neighbors for tasty morsels may be taboo for the adults, but you don't have to live vicariously through your kids at Halloween. Enjoy your own tasty treats any time of day. And guilt-free at that!

halloween coffees

Celebrating the Holiday

2020 may necessitate some adjustments to your holiday celebrations. Gatherings may be smaller or held virtually. Masks can be incorporated into costumes - doctor, nurse, cowboy, and bandit come to mind as easy ideas. For something more unique, try a plague doctor mask! Either way, you can have a lot of fun with it.

Decorating for the Day

Decking out your digs for Halloween can be amazingly fun. The spookier the decor the better. There are different routes you can take for decorating. Those decorations you see in the store are perfectly acceptable. Skulls and bones, witches and ghosts, vampires and zombies, spiders and rodents, webs and dust, fog and spooky sounds can all come together for a great backdrop for your festivities.

Another idea for decorating takes us to thrift shops and antique stores. Finding that perfect Victorian mirror or Edwardian candelabra would add lots of character to your gathering. Old clothes can be stuffed for scarecrows or creepy horror movie characters. Hats and costume jewelry can make it onto tables and mantles to add mystery to your party.

Festive Feasting

Every great shindig needs great food and drinks to keep things going. Have fun with your menu! The easiest way to add Halloween fun to your menu is with the names. Adding horror movie character names to the usual party fare is just fine - Frankenstein's Franks, Freddie's Finger Sandwiches - you get the picture.

For your drinks, try sprucing up the glassware. Use old crystal stemware for a bit of spookiness. Add even more fright power by dipping the rims in red simple syrup. Enjoy simple punches, whether with or without alcohol, and add ice cubes or ice rings with creepy bits frozen inside. Think gummy worms, candy spiders, and chocolate eyeballs.

Be sure to include some coffee to keep everyone's energy up! You can offer a variety of choices like a single-origin brew that everyone can enjoy - we suggest our Java 'Dutch Estate'. Choose our Monster Mashup Collection of flavored coffees to add some youthful nostalgia to your gathering. Enjoy flavors like our Mummy Mudslide. Based on the favorite mudslide cocktail, this non-alcoholic coffee has flavors of sweet milk chocolate, silky cream, and a hint of Mexican liqueur. Our Franken-Fudge Brownie features flavors of rich milk chocolate, syrupy maple walnut, tasty vanilla, and toasted pecans. Finally, our Witches' Brew takes its flavor profile from the classic Halloween sweet candy corn. It has flavors of smooth honey, velvety cream, and Vermont maple syrup.

For some specialty drinks to enjoy, we put together some recipes you and your guests will thoroughly enjoy. With drinks inspired by The Nightmare Before Christmas, Batman, and Frankenstein, there are some sweet coffee and tea drinks you'll be howling for.

With so many choices, you can't help but have a great time this Halloween. What are your plans for fright night? Share your night with us over on Facebook. We look forward to it! Oh, by the way, BOO!

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