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Gourmet Goodies to Give Mom This Mother’s Day

This Sunday, May 8th, here in the United States, we will celebrate Mother’s Day, a time to honor moms everywhere. When it comes to putting together the perfect present that truly comes from the heart, we frequently fall short. You may have even found yourself panicking at the last minute, and you end up hastily purchasing a dozen roses or a cu greeting card or a box of chocolates. While these gifts may be nice, they are usually not the most memorable or unique. How can you make this year different, and get something that’s special, yet still affordable? At CoffeeAM, we have some surefire solutions for this age-old dilemma—a lovely selection of coffees and teas to surprise mom! Here is just a sample of our Mother’s Day picks that are consistently customer favorites. Butterfly Kisses If the name is not enough to capture mom’s heart, then this full-bodied, gourmet, flavored coffee certainly will! It is a decadent combination of sweet flavors, including hints of white chocolate mousse, rich milk chocolate, and just a touch of raspberry. Whether she likes her coffee plain, or with cream and sugar, the natural deliciousness radiates through each and every sip. Since it pairs well with baked desserts, you can give mom the royal treatment by serving her breakfast in bed—a cup of this sweet coffee and a warm pastry! Mother's Love Garden Tea If you’re looking for a way to help mom relieve her tension, then this relaxing and refreshing gourmet tea will be the ideal gift. This popular pick is a soothing, mellow-bodied, uniquely acidic, loose leaf Japanese Sencha Green tea with Cherry Rose petals. Whether your mother prefers her tea hot or iced, this gourmet treat will very quickly become her go-to beverage any time of the year. Mother's Day Gourmet Coffee Bouquet Trade those tired flower bouquets for something very different and very special—a gourmet coffee bouquet! This tasty trio of gourmet coffees includes Baked Alaska Flavored Coffee, Tiramisu Flavored coffee, and Colombia Supremo coffee. This set allows mom to savor her favorite dessert flavors guilt-free, as it contains only two calories! Not only are these simply scrumptious coffees, but they are also beautifully packaged as an added convenience. No matter what your mother’s taste preferences may be, we carry a wide assortment of gourmet coffees and teas that are perfect for Mother’s Day, or any occasion. To ensure that your gifts are delivered in time, please be sure to place your order today at CoffeeAM! Do you have any creative Mother’s Day gift ideas or recipes that you would like to share? Sound off in the comments section below, and we look forward to hearing from you!
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