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Gourmet Flavors of America

Though today, Europeans drink more coffee per year than the average American, coffee has undoubtedly become a significant part of American culture, with coffee chains, specialty shops, and a host of unique brewing devices and gadgets turning up on every corner. According to the National Coffee Association, social media has contributed to the rise of our coffee culture, as coffee has evolved from a quiet cup alone at home into a social engagement and an “expression of individuality.” As coffee has become, to some extent, a nationwide passion, we thought that we would share some of the delicious gourmet flavors that we offer here at CoffeeAM, which are snapshots of a few different coffee spots in the United States. New Orleans Chicory Blend CoffeeNew Orleans Chicory Blend Coffee New Orleans, the largest city in the southern state of Louisiana is known for its music and food scene, and has a longstanding tradition of coffee. Through the Civil War, the residents of New Orleans adapted the use of ground chicory root in their coffee as a way to stretch their coffee rations. Our New Orleans Chicory Blend is a rich, medium dark roasted, heavy-bodied brew, which consists of a combination of Colombian coffee with a dark French Roast, and a pinch of chicory, which adds a subtle chocolate flavor. It’s bright and flavorful on its own, but you can also try it with cream and sweetener. Whether you need a jolt of energy to start the day, or to relax after dinner, this refreshing flavor will transport you to the iconic southern setting of New Orleans. Hawaiian Kona ReserveHawaiian Kona Reserve Coffee Hawaii is the only U.S. state where coffee is commercially grown, and perhaps the most widely known of all the Hawaiian coffees is grown in the Kona region on the Big Island. The conditions here are ideal for growing premium coffee—high elevation, plenty of sunshine, rich volcanic soil, and humid air. To produce this mouthwatering blend, Arabica coffee beans are hand selected, and medium roasted resulting in a smooth, sweet, slightly nutty, mildly acidic, balanced coffee with a tantalizing aroma, and complexity of flavor. A tropical vacation is just a cup away! Vermont Maple Pecan Flavored CoffeeVermont Maple Pecan Flavored Coffee This relaxing and rejuvenating coffee captures the best of the Northeast and the South—the comforting flavor of fresh, authentic Vermont maple syrup and the toasty taste of Georgia pecans. Together, it’s a mildly sweet and smooth blend with a fragrant aroma, with neither the maple nor the pecan being overpowering. It’s perfect for those chilly mornings or as a brunch complement, but is unquestionably refreshing any time of the day. No matter what you’re in the mood for, or wherever you call home, CoffeeAM has a wonderful assortment of gourmet coffees and teas from the United States, South and Central America, Africa and beyond. Visit us today to try some for yourself, and stay tuned for more exciting flavor adventures!
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